Turn the Hot Holiday Rush Into Profitable Sales With Seamless Customer Support

This is the official season where festive merchandise hits almost all businesses in the market. The holiday season is not merely for staycations, food, and gifts, but it’s also the grand season of shopping. And today, with the global pandemic hitting the world the flavor of shopping is purely online. Thus, the holiday season is also the most stressful and frantic season for mostly e-commerce business. Businesses have to deal with an avalanche of customer inquiries and keeping up with these demands is indeed a nightmare for them. 

For 2019, Internet Retailers predicted that “their online sales would jump 13.5% compared to last year’s holiday sales numbers.” 

While on the other hand holiday customer service, when handled efficiently is the best way to boost your business income and establish your brand name. The best way is to leverage a CRM like Kapture that has a grandstand view of the impacts of efficient customer service during this time of the year. 

How to provide superior customer support during the holiday season?

Though your business already has a customer support strategy, when it’s the holiday season, you might have to reconsider it. The increasing demands of customers during the rush can never be neglected because it is the best way to increase the customer satisfaction rate for your business. Without compromising on the quality of products businesses can create a loyal customer base letting them know that you do care about their needs. 

Now here are some of the most effective tips to excel at customer support during the holiday season.

  • Choose Your Channels Wisely

There are multiple digital media channels through which customers can engage with you and report their queries. What businesses need to focus on is where their customers are and engage with them accordingly. The best holiday season customer service tip is to ensure that customers can reach out to you from any channels and remind them that they are not left at the bay during a rush. Kapture CRM provides an omnichannel presence where all the customer queries are brought together on to a centralized dashboard. No matter what the platform is, there will be no stones left unturned. This helps in increasing your loyal customer base and CSAT rate.

“It also helps customers to reach out to you from any platform as it integrates with multiple channels and new apps for a hassle-free centralized experience.”

  • Self- Service Portal for reducing wait times 

A self-service portal can help your customers by giving them instant solutions for their queries by automating repetitive questions to FAQ format. Especially during the holiday rush, customers can find their answers through a simple portal by themselves instead of hanging in calls and saving their valuable time to buy gifts or for more shopping. Kapture CRM provides an intelligent self -service portal where customers can easily find instant solutions for their queries without wasting a second of their time. In addition to all these benefits, a self-service portal helps you to enhance your customer experience and nothing like a big grand holiday shopping can be profitable for your business. 

Director of Customer Experience at MeUndies, TJ Stein says the company would “create temporary help center articles for things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions and deploy them in key areas of the shopping experience.”

  • Efficient Ticketing system

Try to deliver an exceptional customer experience during a holiday rush and your customers will forever stick to your brand. One of the best tips to excel at customer support during the holiday season is to efficiently manage your tickets and reduce ticket backlogs. A CRM like Kapture provides a smooth and organized ticket management system, where it integrates all tickets and queries onto a centralized location and automatically assigns it to the right departments. Most e-commerce businesses face an overflow of tickets, especially during the holiday season. With a cloud ticketing system, they can manage their customers efficiently and boost their CSAT rate to heights.

  • Customized marketing campaigns

All shoppers love to believe that companies value their likes, dislikes, and prefer receiving personalized advertisements or see their preferences while shopping. Ensure that you have a well-planned email strategy that can send customized holiday offers or packages for your clients. Marketing emails and campaigns are some of the most important techniques to register your brand name in a customer’s favorite list. Use customized email strategies to reduce the cart abandonment rate that will eventually boost your company’s revenue. Leverage the power of an efficient CRM like Kapture that automates the process by sending personalized emails along with customer offers and get the most out of your holiday sales. 

  • Seamless Integration

Smooth and efficient integration is a must for online businesses to help them enhance the customer experience. Your customers might not have the time to open multiple tabs or applications for processing their payment or order during these busy days. Kapture CRM with its seamless API integration integrates multiple business processes and third-party applications making the process an easy cakewalk. By automating your business process through an e-commerce integration online businesses can provide complete and accurate product information across all channels, providing timely customer service, easy return, order management, product inventory management, etc. 

Check out how Kapture WooCommerce integration is awesomely beneficial for your online business during high sales. 

With some of these customer support tips for the holidays, ensure that your brand name doesn’t get lost in the season rush, rather float on top of customer’s favorite lists. Businesses do invest a lot of their revenue and trust while choosing software to enhance their customer experience. When one thinks about holiday strategies, what is important is to choose the right tools for holiday customer service because it’s also the season of sales. 

Harness the power of an efficient CRM like Kapture and let your sales hit the top during every holiday season. 

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