Kapture CRM WooCommerce Integration

With the advent of multiple social media platforms, e-commerce is a booming industry today. A recent eMarketer report forecasts “global retail e-commerce sales to reach $4 trillion by 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending that year.” 

What most e-commerce businesses struggle with is managing and organizing multiple orders as well as customers that are reaching out from different platforms. Customer satisfaction and seamless customer experience is a must for any online business to flourish in this era of consumers. 

E-commerce companies are now on their way to transforming the buying experience daily with e-commerce integrations. It plugs your e-commerce platform with backend software like a CRM and enables the seamless transfer of data between two or more sources. When an e-commerce platform is integrated with an efficient CRM like Kapture you can upgrade your support system as well as manage a huge flow of data seamlessly. 

What is WooCommerce Integration?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that is customizable and allows easy integration with the WordPress suite. WooCommerce integration works with multiple payment gateways and also provides extensions for various types of e-commerce functionalities. 

Kapture CRM is one of the best CRM for WooCommerce that helps your business in terms of customer management, web management, personalization, etc. In addition to seamless integration, WooCommerce integration with Kapture also lets you collect data from your e-store, saves them in a list, and send specific personalized emails to customers related to their past orders. 

You can also find a number of platforms, such as Elementor, that offer WooCommerce website builder features that allow you to create WooCommerce stores, code-free.

Benefits of Kapture WooCommerce integration

Kapture CRM is one of the best CRM that provides WooCommerce integration and has been nothing but beneficial for online business platforms in improving their daily operations as well as boosting revenue. 

  • Improved Customer Experience

Along with improving operational efficiencies, automating your business process through e-commerce integration allows online businesses to improve customer experience by providing complete and accurate product information across all channels, providing timely customer service, easy return, order management, product inventory management, etc. 

  • Efficient Customer management 

Integrate Kapture with WooCommerce and ensure efficient customer management for your digital store. It allows you to segment your customers based on relevant tags, fetch your customer’s entire history along with orders placed in the past, communication history, preferred payment methods, customer profile mapping along with a complete customer 360degree view dashboard. This provides all the relevant information to your team to resolve customer queries and increase customer retention rates. 

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment is another factor that needs to be addressed when we are talking about integrations. WooCommerce integration with efficient CRM like Kapture helps businesses to reduce the number of abandoned carts by automatically following up with them through personalized emails. These can easily be triggered by CRM. When a cart is abandoned, Kapture creates an inquiry in the CRM that can be followed by an agent and required actions can be taken. 

The integration allows e-commerce business owners to manage everything on a single dashboard and help them in automating their daily operations. 

Leverage all the benefits of Kapture WooCommerce Integration and achieve your customer success goals.

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