Treebo Hotels is India’s budget hotel chain. With the principle of “Good rooms. Good service. Good Price”, Treebo Hotels offers a high-quality experience to its customers by providing comfortable and value-for-money accommodation options.

Founded in 2015, Treebo expanded its operations across India rapidly with a network of over 400 hotels in 90+ cities. Treebo segregated its offerings into categories like Trip, Trend & Tryst.

An increase in the number of branches leads to a drastic increase in the number of enquiries and orders coming in!

Having said that, the number of calls and emails received per day was reaching peak levels! Handling various customer service teams such as Partner Support, Reservation, Finance, etc. and also the partners and hoteliers was challenging. Treebo has an internal portal that was used by its partners and hoteliers in order to record and update data. This was mainly used for various hotel-related and payment-related queries. Kapture CRM’s API integration made communication between Treebo and its partners’ much easier than before.
“Initially, we had a third-party portal to serve Treebo partners and other hoteliers. We then got introduced to Kapture CRM, and they helped us integrate a custom API. This integration helped our agents, partners and other hoteliers to manage tickets and issues internally– on a single platform. And now, we have our own internal portal”, said Santhosh, Senior Manager.
The API integration’s function made a lot of difference to their team. It helped in fetching data from the portal to Kapture and vice versa. With this integration, queries raised by hoteliers and other partners in the portal were directly reflected on the Kapture Dashboard. These queries were received by their agents in the form of tickets which they were able to resolve instantly from the same dashboard. Further, the status of those queries gets directly updated on the portal which is accessible by the hoteliers and partners as soon as the agent updates it on Kapture CRM.
This resulted in a better relationship with their partners– as the time taken to resolve their tickets was drastically reduced. Also, as every detail was tracked on Kapture, no query was missed. Kapture’s omni-channel integration also helped their agents resolve customer queries received from various platforms such as calls, texts, emails, etc.
Abhishek, Manager, mentioned, “We received an average of 12,000 queries per month in the form of calls and emails and Kapture helped make it seem as though there weren’t as many; as managing, prioritising and resolving tickets on a single application helped our team increase our first-call resolutions and improved our average TAT– which has now decreased to just 20 minutes from more than an hour!"
Resolving tickets was not the only thing done, Kapture also integrated cloud telephony that helped Treebo track and record all the calls answered by each team member. Omni-channel ticketing also made their agents’ work easier as all the queries received in the form of emails and calls were all-accessible and could be resolved from the same platform. They could also schedule and extract customised reports like TAT, agent productivity, etc. all according to their convenience.
Abhishek also said, “One of the primary reasons behind choosing Kapture is that they have been very flexible and versatile. We had tried many other tools but they all had their own conditions; but here, Kapture not just listened to our requirements but also followed up and provided the same.
Kapture has been with us for a few years now, and even today, when we ask for any number of custom reports according to our present requirements, they do not refuse help; and the support provided by them has helped us to gradually grow as a brand and it has also been helping us improve our customer relationships which has led to customer retention."