Kapture Mobile CRM

Capture and Employ Mobility in your business

Kapture Mobile CRM incorporates easy mobility into your business management. The Mobile platform streamlines your daily processes and optimizes your business operations. The cloud capability pockets all the essential CRM tools. Now manage a smarter business with faster decisions.

How a Mobile CRM enables modern sales?

The present day sales dynamics requires you taking more challenging decisions every day, all-day, right?

You need an empowered sales team and engaged prospect pool to succeed in this ecosystem. A sales team need more direct ways to communicate and manage their prospects. Meanwhile, prospects should be able to easily reach your business and vice versa. A Mobile CRM is a smarter way to collaborate and communicate with your sales team. It also integrates multiple channels of communicating with your prospects. In-turn, all these help you close more sales deals.

Mobility Features that enable your Business

Kapture Mobile CRM Is a device agnostic platform that makes your business processes all-the-more integrated and efficient. These Multiple Mobility features address the multiple challenges in managing your business.

Mobile CRM App

Connect devices across Platforms

Start with downloading the native app for IOS or Android Mobile operating platform. Kapture CRM app is optimized for low-resource utilization and universal device compatibility. Integrate and manage activities across multiple team verticals!

On-the-go sales

Ensure that there are no hiccups in the sales process and let your field representatives stay connected through a cloud-enabled system. Miss out on nothing with daily snapshots of the business

Mobile CRM Software
Mobile CRM Software

Collaborate within your Team

Make sure that your entire internal team verticals remain accessible and collaborative within Kapture’s mobility ecosystem. The device agnostic nature will ensure entire team participation and easy work collaboration.

Receive and Create Mobile Reports

Create and receive reports on the latest closures, negotiations, client proposals on your smart phone. By keeping the essential parties in the loop, you can procure faster approval and easier prospect communication.

Mobile CRM Reports

Enable Seamless collaboration with Business Mobility

Kapture CRM Mobile app

Simple Usability Interface

Kapture CRM Mobile app replaces excessive features with the right usability! The CRM app is simple enough to discover and manage all the essential functionalities within the CRM dashboard.

Unified Communication Platform

Your entire team verticals can establish and communicate through a unified communication platform. You can readily use the CRM app to communicate with a particular employees or groups.

Mobile CRM Application

Instant Information access

With mobile capabilities, carry your work with you and access important information in real-time. Since all data is accessible at all times, wasted time in emails is no longer a concern.

Better Prospect Management

View and respond to the latest client queries from a mobile CRM dashboard! You can also check past interactions and purchase history. Equip your prospect management not to be tethered to your pc.

Mobile CRM dashboard
Geo Location tracking CRM

GPS Geo-Location tracking

Obtain real-time locations of each of your employees and get a bird’s eye view of their field movements. Verify their route maps with the planned routes and ensure that they are meeting with their customers. Ensure that every meeting gets attended and all potential opportunities are fulfilled!