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Build, administer, and track online employee education and training programs. Learning Management Software is web-based, you may access it at any time and from any location. They provide a one-stop shop for both pre-and post-training needs. It can be used to instruct learners both locally and remotely.

Learning helps your business grow

If you're considering upgrading your organization's learning technology or adopting online learning for the first time,
you might be asking what the advantages of an LMS are.


Reduced learning time

Reduce training and learning time by streamlining course design and administration, eliminating the need for travel, and accommodating everyone's schedules.


Profit from the fairest and clear price structure. Select a package that fits your budget and training requirements. There will be no additional costs for training facilities, printed materials, or employing trainers.

Dynamic and scalable

You may quickly expand the capacity of your online classroom to meet your expanding training needs. Easily transition from training 10 to 1000 people.

Ramp up your employee training and development programs

An efficient system to create, deliver, automate, and track users’ progress within a training course.
Simple and easy-to-use interface

Navigate and achieve your learning goals

A clean learning path is easy on the eyes and promotes a continuous flow between dashboards and course overviews. Managers and learners will find it simple to use because of the intuitive user interfaces.

Organized database

Single access point for multiple learning material

An efficient LMS that allows trainers to build courses, assign them, issue notifications, upload and manage course content, mass enroll users, specify sophisticated course settings, and filter courses, and learning plans in a centralized repository.


Create a more engaging learning experience

Our LMS offers game mechanics or built-in gamification elements that enable trainers to develop courses with increased motivation and engagement. Scoreboards, rankings, and awards can keep students motivated and engaged throughout the course.

Kapture is amazing at every brand touchpoint

Why choose Kapture LMS?


Fastest Go Live

A dedicated team that makes your implementation process easier and faster.


Simple and easy to use

A user-friendly interface to navigate through all the learning materials for a seamless learning process.


Plug and play integrations

Seamless and fast integration with all third-party platforms for a better learning experience


Dedicated account manager

Account manager to resolve all your queries after the implementation process.


Reporting and analytics

Reports in your desired format for a better and faster decision-making process.


Single Sign-on

Access all the required information via a single platform for a smooth learning process.



What is a Learning Management System?


The goal of a learning management system (LMS) is to provide training and development to the employees so that they can maintain a company's growth, success, and, eventually, revenue. A learning management system allows an instructor to prepare and distribute content, track learner involvement, and evaluate learner performance. A learning management system may also allow students to use interactive features like threaded conversations, video conferencing, and discussion forums.


What is the use of a Learning Management System in a business?


Employee training and onboarding are one of the most prevalent applications for an LMS in the workplace. In this scenario, the LMS is utilized to assist in the training of new staff by giving them access to training materials via multiple devices. When new workers contribute their own expertise and input, companies may better understand how effective the training courses are and highlight areas where new employees require more support.


How does a Learning Management System work?


A learning management system may be viewed as a huge repository that allows users to store and track information in a single location. The system and its online learning resources are accessible to any user who has a secure login and password. Alternatively, if the system is self-hosted, the user must either install the program on their hard drive or connect to it via their company's server.


What are some must-have features in a Learning Management System?


Here is a list of some must-have features you must look for while searching for an LMS for your company-

- Simple and user-friendly interface
- Remote accessibility
- Reporting and analytics to track performance
- Gamification mode
- Integration and collaborative capabilities
- Works offline