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What is Customer Support Software?

The phrase “customer support” has a broad scope and it means the same thing even when people ask for:

Most businesses, whether they have a digital presence or not, provide after sales support to customers. When a customer has any issue or complaint with the product or the service, he or she can reach out to the company to get help. Earlier, it used to be via email and call. However, with the advent of time and technology, people have learnt to visit the company’s website or social media pages on Facebook or Twitter to communicate their grievances.

A company that is well-run, is ready for customer queries at all times. Customer support software helps them deal with queries online, in an organised format. Switching to an application ensures that the whole process is smooth, systematic and seamless.

What Customer Support Software Has to Offer?

In simple terms, Customer Support Software is a system that receives enquiries from customers and relays the message to service agents so they can provide effective solutions. Since all of this is automated, it reduces the risk of human errors.

You can save a lot of time and money by letting technology and automation do the job for you. Of course human oversight is required, but once you implement online customer support software, you can count on increased productivity from your support team.

Why Customer Support Software Is Important?

Every business needs intelligent customer service management software to deliver sophisticated service, which is the hallmark of a successful company. A company’s online reputation can be gauged based on how quick and beneficial their service is. Moreover, customer satisfaction is the prime indicator of a company’s growth as a brand.

What most companies fail to grasp is the high importance consumers place on service. No matter how good your product is, if you cannot back that up with proper service, the customer is unlikely to come back to you again. And it goes without saying that customer retention plays a key role in a company’s growth.

How Can You Provide Proficient Customer Support?

Great customer service is only made possible by specialised tools. If you want to make your customers happy, you need the right kind of resources to deliver your best. Covering your bases while choosing the right software is crucial.

Some of the important components that can help deliver awesome customer service are as follows:

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM system is more essential to customer support than you think. Although CRM is associated with sales, there are endless possibilities to provide great customer support as well. Linking the customer support centre with your CRM can make it easier to organise your interactions and help you assist your customers even better.

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All enquiries, complaints, communications and requests from customers automatically get assigned under the head “Tickets”. Customer support software and ticketing systems go together because service tickets are what customer support agents deal with. It is all about dealing with a ticket and making sure it is closed successfully as soon as possible. Tickets, when created, come with a ticking clock. It is essential that it is responded to and dealt with, within a stipulated period of time.

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Omni-channel Support

Customers always look for the freedom to choose their mode of communication. So, it is in the company’s interest to make available all possible channels open for communication. While some may want to make a call to talk to a live agent, others might prefer reaching out via social media platforms, the most popular of which are Facebook and Twitter. You can also offer support via email, live chat and web forms. The point is to make things very easy for customers, even before they ask for it. Having a truly omni-channel presence is important to harbour effective communications.

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AI Live Chat

Keep up with the times and provide service to customers in real-time. Live chat is one of the most used customer support tools. Mobile phones have replaced computers as the go-to devices that consumers prefer to use for communicating with companies. What AI chat can provide is instant replies to a user at any time of the day. Implementing a chatbot powered by AI will reduce your response time for every query and give faster resolutions to customers.

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KMS & Self-Serve

A knowledge portal is a must for the employees of a company to find reference articles and details about company products and the guidelines to be followed. It not only helps them stay updated on their knowledge but also allows them to provide more effectual service.

Self-serve is another way of giving more power to customers. If they have the option to perform actions on their own, they would not have to rely on service agents. This is a win-win and saves time and effort.

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Who can use Helpdesk Customer Software?

Customer support software is for businesses of all sizes or forms. The best types of customer service systems are scalable for anybody.

For Startups

Startups need to focus on customer service as much as well known brands because initial growth of any business is dictated by how good their service is. They can make a case for themselves by being known as a brand that values customers’ needs. They can most definitely stick to simple ticketing systems will omni-channel support to effectively cater to their customer base.

For Small & Medium Businesses

SMBs usually operate and specialise in one field. They need to focus on giving their customers prompt service always. What they can opt for is an industry specific B2B customer support software so they are better equipped to tend to their customers on a daily basis. Integrations which are tailor-made for certain industries will surely come in handy for SMBs.

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For Large Enterprises

Enterprises require very specific customisations and integrations because they serve a varied range of customers, which are more likely to be in the millions. A powerful and seamless customer service software system would fall under their needs.

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