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Sharper sales reporting tools for better insights

Be always knowledgeable about your sales status with the comprehensive sales reports system and dashboard. The sales reporting
updates you about the number of deal closures, sales negotiations, daily sales reports, employee performances, deal appraisals etc.

Meanwhile, the mobile CRM lets you view real-time reports from anywhere, anytime.

Sales funnel

Visualize your opportunities in Real-time

Graphically visualize your prospect’s journey, right from the time they get added as a lead, till the time the time the deal is closed. With Kapture sales reporting system, you can view the real-time progress of your leads in the sales pipeline. Now make informed decisions to convert them into actual paying customers.

Sales Tracking Software
Sales Reporting Tools

Daily Sales Report (DSR)

End-your-day with updated sales progress reports

Kapture’s sales report software automates sending emails / SMS daily sales reports about your daily sales achievements. You can view total calls planned vs. calls made, customer meetings set vs. actual visits, number of orders placed, sales activities in real-time etc. You can view these reports on the desktop API or mobile dashboard!

Target vs. Achievement reports

Increase the odds of hitting your target

The CRM sales reporting tool collect and consolidate customer data from all relevant business touch points. The CRM sales performance report software lets you observe and compare your team’s current sales performance with the preset sales targets. This can include leads, meetings and revenue.

sales Reporting software
sales Reporting System

Employee vs. lead reports

Identify your top performers

The sales reporting dashboard intimates about what leads are assigned to which sales employee. This enables you to follow the progress of the individual leads through the sales funnel dashboard to its final conversion. You can also see the number of meetings attended by each employee. Now you can easily recognize and empower the top performers in your sales team.

Sales Dashboard View

Get all your insights from one dashboard

View all your overall progress in a unified sales performance dashboard. From follow-ups to closures to sales figures and top performers, access all relevant information including key metrics and other important data. Collect data and draw insights using Kapture’s reporting software!

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