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Maintaining a contact center may be a significant challenge for many growing businesses. A cloud-based contact center software like Kapture can help you provide faster resolution by automating tasks and routing queries to the best available agent and department.

Dashboard Dashboard

Kapture dashboard showing features like our Chatbot assistant for agents, side conversations option, a notepad for taking notes from customers, and a dashboard showing reporting and analytics


True omnichannel experience

Manage queries from calls, emails, webchats, social media, and different platforms from a single software. Kapture deeply integrates with all platforms and presents queries from different channels to a unified dashboard for convenient and faster resolution. Omnichannel helps you achieve the following benefits-

  • DotEngaged, loyal customers
  • DotCompetitive advantage through integrated omnichannel interaction
  • DotStreamlined customer service
  • DotImproved business performance
  • DotPersonalized interactions at every touch point

Increased First Contact Resolution (FCR)

With the support of an AI-powered bot, give your representatives a relevant data source about the customers for a better and quick resolution. This helps support professionals to better comprehend concerns, provide faster service, and address problems in the first interaction.

Secured and efficient
data management

Data security is one of the major concerns of contact centers. Modern contact center solutions like Kapture ensure that all customer data is secured in the cloud backup and there is minimal chance of data loss due to any ambiguous situations.




What is a contact center software?


Customer relationship management software (CRM) for contact centers is a software system that gives agents access to account information and history in order to deliver a real-time, personalized customer experience across channels, including phone, online, and social.


What are the must-have features of contact center software?


- Ability to integrate
- Automate and simplify tasks
- Omnichannel support
- Map customer journey
- Reporting and analytics


Does contact center management have the single sign-on feature?


Yes, Contact center management software provides an omnichannel experience by integrating with different platforms and bringing everything on a unified platform without having to switch platforms.


How Can The Right Call Center Software Help Improve Performance?


A built-in analytics system in call centre software allows you to provide a performance report with real-time insights into all call centre teams. Metric data such as the average number of calls accepted per day by the agents, the waiting duration, and service levels, among other things, can be included in reports. This, in turn, may assist boost team productivity and free up agents' time to handle more calls, which benefits contact centre employees tremendously.


How is call center software different from contact center software?


Call center Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Manages the flow of incoming calls, emails, texts, and chats by queuing and routing to the most appropriate agent.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Enables customers to interact with a company via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition,

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Connects the call center software to CRM; it looks up customer information and then delivers relevant data to the agent at the same time the call is delivered.

Operational Reporting Full spectrum of reports used to track agent performance and call center KPIs.

Contact center Salesforce Automation (SFA) Automates business and sales tasks, tracks customer interactions, generates sales forecasts and analyzes performance.

Case Management Allows an organization to track customer issues, tie inquiries to a single customer record and guide agents to a solution.

Marketing Automation Automates the marketing processes such as customer segmentation and campaign management.

Customer Reporting Includes a robust set of reports that provide company executives and managers with visibility into day-to-day customer operations.

Contact Center Management

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