Harness the Benefits of Content Intelligence To Enhance Customer Experience

 With every passing year, the need to develop a more personalized and customized approach for each stage of the customer’s journey is becoming crucial for customer-centric enterprises. To meet up with this emerging demand of customer’s enterprises across the globe are undertaking new strategies that are different from a mere analytical approach. 

According to Walker’s research study, “86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience”. Organizations are scrutinizing every dimension of their customer interactions and engagements for finding the potential to enhance the customer experience. One such strategy that organizations are looking for to meet up this increasing demand for seamless customer experience is developing a more effective content strategy with Content Intelligence. A strategy that is not merely based on analytics but a blend of customer data and more informed insights about customers.

What is Content Intelligence?

Content Intelligence is nothing but an efficient content marketing approach by harnessing the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make more manageable and quality content, with the help of content data. Content intelligence includes various practices like content audits, channel optimization, social listening, competitive intelligence, etc can be used to increase the quality and value of content. When this content strategy is inculcated with customer engagement management it can help in ensuring a seamless customized customer experience.

Why is Content intelligence important in enhancing the customer experience?  

A well-pitched content can always create a good impression for customers about your business. A thoroughly researched content can help users in solving their issues accurately during the buyer’s journey and enhance customer experience. 

According to a study conducted, every minute, “Facebook users like posts 4,166,667 times, Twitter users tweet 347,222 times, YouTube users upload 300 hours of new videos.”

What matters the most is not quantity rather quality and call to action of your content. This is where content intelligence strategies come in. By focusing on improving the quality of content using data and analytics rather than merely focusing on the quality, customer-centric enterprises can open a new way of implementing a content strategy. 

Best ways to develop seamless customer experience with content intelligence

  • Delivering actionable insights using Customer Data: CRM’s like Kapture provide a detailed and secured cloud database that provides useful insights to customer’s past queries, preferences, etc. By harnessing this data customer segmentation can be done accurately and can deliver targeted content based on what customers want or what are their pain points. This can fuel the overall content strategy as well as increase the customer satisfaction rate. Get to know more about the benefits of customer data and how it can maintain client-customer relationships. 
  • Highly Personalized Content: Personalization is what customer’s demand today. For customer-centric enterprises, personalizing their marketing strategies is the best way to let customers know that they care about their needs and demands. Contents should be curated in a way that helps customers in various stages of their buyer’s journey. The benefit of harnessing content intelligence is that you can get track of the types of channels that are influencing your prospects and customers to conversions or leads. 
  • Targeting the right channel at the right time: Yet another task faced by most marketers is to decide which content goes where at what time. It’s not about posting random content all the time, but the right content at the accurate platform can draw a good conversion rate. Promoting content with the help of AI has various benefits including analyzing the performance on various channels. 

Content intelligence when blended with an efficient CRM like Kapture that has Omnichannel Presence, can ensure a seamless customer experience. 

With the advancement of technology, customers expect more from businesses, especially in terms of customer experience. By introducing an efficient content intelligence strategy keep up with changing trends and boost your CSAT rate. 

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