Cloud Computing in Customer Support – Everything You Need To Know

The gallop of technology has been nothing but extremely beneficial for enterprises across the globe in boosting their productivity and ensuring a smooth workflow. Cloud computing is not merely a buzz phrase today, rather a complete reality that has become an integral part of this digital ecosystem. Cloud computing has set its stark footsteps in the customer service sector too and has helped dramatically in customer experience management. 

A study by Gartner shows that “cloud users will double by 2021, and the market built around this technology will grow from $153 billion in 2017 to an estimated $302 billion in 2021.Today cloud computing coupled with SaaS-based CRMs like Kapture is helping customer-centric businesses in managing their daily operations effortlessly.

What is cloud computing?

In simple terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data on the internet platform rather than external hardware. These businesses can cut their cost on spending revenue on computing infrastructure or data centers and can rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider. From basic storage facilities to complex artificial intelligence and applications, cloud computing covers a vast range of services. 

Importance of cloud computing for customer service

Cloud computing or cloud-based CRM platforms like Kapture have helped customer-centric enterprises in meeting up with their customer’s demands and enhancing customer satisfaction rate. 

  • Accessibility: With cloud-based platforms like Kapture CRM storing and accessing information is easy, no matter wherever you are. Agents or employees can have 24*7 access to the customer database and other important updates stored in the cloud platform. 
  • High Security: The customer data stored in cloud computing is safe and highly protected. 
  • Improves Efficiency: With cloud platforms managing workflow is easy and productive. Especially in the customer service sector, the data from the cloud database can be leveraged to understand your customers more and provide them with accurate solutions for their queries. 

How cloud computing impacts Customer Satisfaction?

We all are aware of the importance of customer service in this power era of consumers. By leveraging the benefits of the cloud- computing software enterprises can boost their customer satisfaction rate to heights. Here are some of the ways cloud technology improves customer experience.

  • The reason cloud has become the infrastructure for businesses to improve their customer experience is because it streamlines the process of modern and personalized services for customers. Customers demand personalization and with a detailed cloud database, it is easy to keep track of their behavioral patterns, buyers’ journey, etc. 
  • Cloud computing platforms like Kapture with Omnichannel support systems provide businesses the opportunity to be present everywhere. It integrates queries from multiple platforms and can easily solve their accurate pain points, which in turn boosts the CSAT rate.
  • Instant and accurate responses to queries are yet another way of how cloud computing impacts customer satisfaction. Customers are used to receiving instant responses, instant access to information, and instant feedback. Most cloud computing platforms provide a self-service portal where repetitive queries are converted into an FAQ format which helps in providing instant resolutions. This is how customer experience management is efficiently done using cloud computing. 

As consumers embrace technology as an integral part of their business intelligence strategies workforces become more mobile, flexible, and productive. By leveraging the benefits of a cloud-computing CRM like Kapture customer-centric enterprises can hit the ground running in a fast-paced environment. 

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