6 KPIs to Improve Call Center Productivity

The quickest way for call centre managers to inject their C.S.A.T ratings with positive reinforcement is by keeping a close watch on agent productivity.

There are a few KPIs you can monitor on your call centre software that would ensure that your operations are creating a customer experience that will be remembered.

Here are 6 KPIs that you should pay attention to.


1. Average Call Abandonment Rate

To truly make a positive impact on your C.S.A.T ratings, your customers need to experience the awesome support your team offers. But if they don’t stay on call long enough to be connected to an agent – they will never experience the true wonders your support team can create for them.

The average call abandonment rate shows the percentage of customers who dropped the call even before speaking to an agent.

A quick way to increase caller engagement is to have an IVR feature enabled in your call centre software. You can offer the caller options on departments to speak to, preferred languages and even collect information that will help the agent assist the customer during the query resolution. You can then offer the customer an estimated wait time before an agent connects with them. 

This will help in reducing the rate of dropped calls as you are educating the customer on the estimated wait time.

2. Percentage of Calls Blocked

Frustration levels can be high among callers if every time they try to reach you and they are met with a busy tone. This can happen if you don’t have enough agents available on your roster to receive these calls.

A solution to this issue could be call routing. By implementing a call routing feature your call centre software ensures that it assigns fresh calls to agents who have marked themselves as available.

You can also set up parameters to route calls based on the specialized skills of each department to ensure the queries get resolved faster.

This metric shows you the percentage of calls that were blocked due to an agent being busy with existing tickets.

3. Average Time in Queue

One fantastic metric you can look at to gauge the productivity of your team is the Average Time in Queue.

The call centre software will have a live agent dashboard that shows you the amount of time the customers have spent waiting in queue.

You can also get a real-time view of the number of calls attended to by each agent.

If wait times are unusually long – your support team can use a knowledge base to quickly refer to articles of frequently experienced problems to drive down the time spent on each call and serve more customers.

4. Service Level

To evaluate how fast agents move from one caller to the next you can use the service level KPI.

This shows you the amount of time that the agents were idle between calls.

If this metric is high, then you can implement a round-robin ticket assignment system in your call centre software to auto-assign fresh calls to available agents helping you optimize your team’s productivity.

5. First Call Resolution

This is a great metric to evaluate individual agent productivity. If customers need to call back multiple times to resolve the same query or are transferred between team members continuously, there is an issue with your operation.

A knowledge base can help your team if this metric is low. You can also use a learning management system to conduct regular tests on an agent’s knowledge of your support protocol.

This empowers your team with the information they need to drive this KPI high leading to better C.S.A.T scores.

6. Agent Productivity Reports

The right call centre software can help you generate these reports instantly.

You can even have a live agent monitor that will offer you real-time data on metrics like;

1 – Calls attended vs those dropped

2 – Number of calls completed

3 – First call resolution

4 – Call abandonment rates and more

As the head of your support team, having this data offered to you with customized reports can help you make insight-driven decisions on how to optimize call centre operations.


To optimize the productivity of your call centre operation, a Helpdesk software can help you set up the systems needed to automate customer support.

You can create custom ticket routing matrices, set up separate task queues native to each platform, you can also create SLA times to offer agents time frames within which they ought to resolve a ticket once it has been opened.

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