Role of contextual support in enhancing CX

Role Of Contextual Support In Enhancing CX

Most enterprises are aware of how important enhancing customer experience is to maximize their revenue and customer retention rates. In a bid to do this, enterprises are fast implementing various cutting-edge technologies into their business intelligence strategies. Each customer has a different issue, some are queries regarding product while the other might be a service request. The key to success is to provide contextual support with the flow of relevant information and timely service. 

The one factor we all agree upon is the importance of customer experience. But, what is an ideal customer experience, and how to provide it to your customers? Today, helpdesk ticketing software like Kapture is helping enterprises across verticals in automating their daily operations and ensures a good CSAT rate. 

Best Way to Enhance Customer Experience

Delightful customer experience means providing personalized, omnichannel, accurate, continuous, and seamless service. But what are the ways to enhance customer experience is the question? Traditional customer support systems tend to overlook the importance of contextual customer data in providing customer support. Evolved from traditional ways of customer support today, what drives customer experience is context.

Contextual support is nothing but providing support to your customers proactively whenever and wherever they want, easing their pain points with accurate queries. Context plays a vital role in enhancing customer experience and maintaining a potential customer loyal base. By leveraging contextual customer data businesses can understand their customers more deeply and where they are in their customer journey.

Kapture provides businesses a highly secured customer database that helps them understand their customers more. Explore more about the benefits of a secured database in enhancing your customer relationship. 

The Power Of Customer Context 

 “86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience”  Supper Office 

Today customers love personalized customer support and often tend to choose a brand that provides them with better-personalized customer service. Wondering how context drives greater experience?

contextual support

For instance, imagine a cloud-based contact center with an omnichannel presence. A unified system will provide you with the details of the customer and their queries in a centralized location and will be automatically redirected to the right department. CRM’s like Kapture ensure that the customer representatives to whom the call is assigned are logged in and have access to all the data about the customer even before they pick up the phone. By leveraging this data, agents can initiate meaningful conversations and engage customers in delightful customer engagement, accurately solving their queries. Therefore, providing customer experience ceases to be an abstract concept without contextual customer data.

Why is Contextual Customer Support Important?

  • Faster and Accurate Response

One thing that customers hate is waiting. “Almost three-fourths (74%) of customers say companies don’t meet their desired deadline for service,” says The contact center CX expert ICMI. When customer service representatives engage in unnecessary and repetitive questions to customers on call, the customer churn rate eventually increases.

Businesses face this issue when their customer interaction platform is not integrated into their data systems. The absence of an omnichannel presence and lack of customer context data can create unhappy customers. By leveraging CRM’s like Kapture that streamlines your workflow, providing faster and accurate customer service is just a cakewalk. 

  • Ensures Continuous Customer Experience

With the emergence of multiple social media platforms, customers interact with brands through their preferred channels and mode of communication. Chances are high for businesses to the thread of communication amidst these plethoras of platforms. Contextual customer data plays a major role here in managing the continuity of a conversation. Information like the conversation history, the buyer’s journey, and status of the query, help businesses in providing a delightful customer experience all along. 

  • Boost Sales and Helps in Customer Retention 

In the end, what a delightful customer experience results in is an increase in sales and creates a loyal customer base. By providing contextual customer support businesses can provide personalized and responsive customer support. This will eventually lead to a higher CSAT score. A Higher CSAT score means a boost in businesses’ ROI. 

Customer retention is the best strategy to boost your ROI and create brand advocates who will suggest your brand to a larger audience. Making context the base of your CX strategy retaining your customers is a seamless process.

Now you probably know how important contextual support is in providing delightful customer experiences. If you wish to create your unique brand identity in the market by providing your customers an experience like never before, then think no more deploy Kapture CRM, and sky-rocket your business to heights. 

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