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Why Does Your Business Need Kapture Help Desk Ticketing Software?

The customer support ticketing system is the backbone of customer support. It eases managing and organizing customer complaints and inquiries. A helpdesk software equipped with automated tools for creating, tracking and managing support requests, improves ticket categorization and assignment.

A good help desk ticketing system ensures a faster and more efficient resolution to customer complaints to ensure consistent satisfaction. It also helps your agents manage and resolve complaints coming from different channels through a unified dashboard, giving a true omnichannel experience to the customers.

Must-have Features in a help desk system to Transform Your Business

The help desk system you choose for your business should have essential features that will boost customer support provided by your agents. It's typically best to choose help desk software that offers only the functionality you require rather than every feature available in the market.

Kapture’s One Suite supports your agents to manage their contact centre, service centre and field force on a single platform.

Ticket Management System

It is the central system that logs and organizes customer complaints into tickets and follows their progress from acceptance to resolution.

Omnichannel Support

Complaints coming from different channels like chats, calls, emails, and social media can be viewed and resolved through a unified dashboard.


A self-serve portal containing answers in the form of FAQs and AI powered bots to solve petty and common customer queries, saving agent’s time.

Reporting and analytics

With the help of graphs, statistics, and customer feedback derived from the support ticket software, the customer support team and managers are able to evaluate and improve their own performance.

Task Automation

Automate repetitive or regular tasks such as answering repeated customer inquiries and administrative chores such as filling out forms or generating daily reports to save time and increase the productivity of your agents.

Seamless integration

Helpdesk ticketing software may be integrated with third-party software to increase the number of functions and data access to your customer support agents.

Business Benefits of Using a Help desk Ticketing System

Your growing business deserves all the benefits that come with the implementation of a help desk system.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better insights into your business
  • Improved productivity of your agents
  • Transparent customer service
  • Better team coordination

What are the advantages of using
customer support helpdesk ticketing software?

Who Can Use Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

Anyone who deals with customers and their complaints, like contact centers, service centers, and field service representatives, can use helpdesk ticketing software for providing a delightful customer service experience.

The power tools and features contained in the help desk software supports increased productivity and efficiency of agents while providing quick and contextual resolutions to customer inquiries.



What is a help desk ticketing system?


A help desk ticketing system is a software solution implemented to organize, manage and resolve customer issues and queries raised in the form of tickets.


Why do companies use a help desk ticketing system?


Companies choose to use a help desk ticketing system because it automates the repetitive tasks and smartly assigns tickets to the right agent, saving time and cost.


What key features should a good help desk ticketing system have?


Some of the key features include omnichannel support, automated prioritizing of tickets, knowledge base and internal collaboration.


Can I customize my help desk ticketing system dashboard?


Kapture’s help desk ticketing system is customizable to suit your business requirements.


Is help desk the same as CRM software?


CRM software and a help desk ticketing system are different. A help desk ticketing system allows customers to reach out to agents for support with queries and issues. CRM software contains data about customers that aid in maintaining relationships.


How can help desk ticketing system help my business?


Help desk ticketing systems contain automated tools which are necessary for creating, tracking, managing support requests, and improving ticket categorization and assignment to agents.


What are the benefits of using a help desk ticketing system?


- Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
- Better insights into your business
- Improved productivity of agents
- Transparent customer service
- Better team coordination


Is the help desk ticketing system compatible with mobile?


Yes, Kapture’s help desk ticketing system is user-friendly and compatible with desktop, laptop and mobile devices.


How to choose the best help desk ticketing software for your business ?


First, identify your goals. Next, find a software with features that match your requirements. Lastly, you can check out Kapture help desk ticketing system as it offers customizable options as per your needs.

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