Guide to Field Service Management

The Ultimate Guide To Field Service Management

There are around 20 million field service technicians worldwide and among them, only 48% of field service companies take advantage of any software, and 45% of technicians say that their current solutions are too slow. (Field Point)

So, wondering what’s the solution to manage your company’s field service agents in a way that enhances business productivity and boosts sales? The answer is field service management software. We have done the heavy lifting and have created an ultimate guide to field service management and how to choose the right FSM software for your business.


  1. What is Field Service?
  2. What is field service management?
  3. Reasons why your business needs field service management
  4. Guide to choosing the right field service software
  5. Why Choose Kapture’s FSM Software?


What is Field Service?

Field service means services performed out in the field. The field team typically includes field technicians, contractors, or workers who come in contact with customers in certain locations to install, repair and solve customer issues related to the products.  

                                                                             Source: Deskless Workforce 


The field service is rapidly evolving today. What businesses thus need is an efficient way to manage and monitor these field teams in a way that they directly contribute to companies’ profit. 

What is Field Service Management?

The process of managing an organization’s field force, service, and work operations while out in the field is known as field force management. This can include several processes like assigning tickets to field agents, enabling teams to manage their reimbursements, monitor field visits, and much more.

                                                                                 Source: Field point 

To overcome these issues, CRM’s like Kapture offer an efficient field service management software that automates all the processes by keeping a track of all your field operations and streamlining communications, etc. it automatically assigns tickets to field agents wherever a ticket is raised and helps in meeting with customer demands on the go. An FSM software automates these tasks for your business and along with boosting agent productivity, saves a lot of time and effort. 

The Major Aim Of FSM Software


The purported goal of an efficient Field service management software like Kapture is to assist your employees in delivering excellent customer service and solutions in every customer interaction. Not merely in desk-based customer service but even in field operations and every single point of contact businesses need to facilitate seamless service to their customers and manage healthy communication. With the right cloud-based FSM software, managing your field force is just a cakewalk that also boosts the CSAT score.

Reasons why your business needs field service management

Competitions are getting stiffer and customer expectations are soaring higher in this rapidly changing business environment. Because of its efficiency, the field force management service was $2.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to double to $5.9 billion in 2024 (Markets and Markets). 

Here are a few significant reasons why your business needs FSM software.

  • Increased Efficiency: FSM software like Kapture provides businesses with excellent tools and high-defined features which helps in increasing both agent productivity and operational efficiency. 
  • Efficient ticket management: Alike how an efficient ticket management system helps service agents to manage seamless communication and ticket flow. An FSM software automatically creates a service plan for all field agents with all schedules and bookings. It automatically assigns a specific ticket based on the availability and pin code. It integrates every notification onto a single page and notifies about every ticket on a real-time basis to field agents. 
  • Easily Accessible Database: With a cloud database, get access to your customer’s lifecycle, past conversations, queries, and other information and share it with your field agents. This will help them in understanding the issue more deeply and provide accurate resolutions.  Easily host all relevant data on the cloud CRM where it gets synced in real-time with complete security. 
  • Seamless Communication Via Mobile App: Kapture’s mobile app helps agents login and logout from the field, raise invoices, mark locations, and update/download reports, resolve tickets and do so much more seamlessly. As soon as an activity is performed on the app, it starts reflecting in the CRM and gives the admin/supervisor complete visibility of all actions at all times.
  • Receive Updated Information: View your agent’s daily service schedules and keep track of their performance, pending tasks, and other services, by deploying Kapture’s FSM software. Always stay updated with service task information, meeting details, or daily service plan updates via push notifications, emails, or even SMS on a real-time basis. Feedback collection is a seamless task, as the software automatically notifies customers via email and SMS once the ticket is closed. 
  • Easy Accessibility and Mobility: By deploying a mobile app view all services and tasks assigned on the go. Check-in and check-out at the customer’s location and update ticket data all from a centralized location. Accessibility is the prominent factor of intelligent FSM software. The app is highly compatible with both iOS and Android, providing you access to all the information on-the-go. 

Role Of Mobile CRM In Field Service Management

CRM’s like Kapture facilitate a Mobile CRM which makes services easily accessible for field agents. With Mobile CRM employees can assign tasks and share important information with agents on the go. Kapture’s FSM software provides an end-to-end service on mobile applications. With geotagging features ingrained in the mobile CRM keeping a tab on your agents and assigning tasks accordingly is just an easy cakewalk. 

Guide to Choosing the Right Field Service Software

There are certain things to keep in mind while deploying FSM software for your business. Here are a few important things to keep in mind while choosing the right FSM software for your business. 

  • Keep in mind the major gaps and pain points that your business has and choose an FSM technology that suits your business intelligence strategies.
  • Do a detailed research and team discussion to see that whether the features and tools that a specific FSM software provides match your requirements. The goal is to match at least 80-90% of the requirements. 
  • It is also important to consider factors such as stability, reliability, and security because FSM software is going to be your business’s long-time partner.

Why Choose Kapture’s FSM Software

There are a plethora of options in the market for choosing suitable FSM software for your enterprise. But Kapture’s intelligent Field Service management software is efficient, reliable, and is flexible to suit every business, no matter how large or small. Here are a few significant features of Kapture’s FSM software:

  • Easy Implementation: With Kapture’s FSM software forget the hassle of migrating from another CRM. Our dedicated implementation team makes the work easy
  • High Compatibility: Kapture is now compatible with your Google, MS Azure, and AWS
  • Efficient, Flexible, And Reliable: Efficiency is a given feature with Kapture’s FSM software and is suitable for enterprises of any size.

Field Force Management is an inevitable business process that businesses have to incorporate in their business intelligence strategies. Stay unique and different from your competitors with Kapture’s intelligent FSM software. 

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