Mobile CRM: How Can Business Productivity be Improved Using the Mobile Platform?

Mobile CRM How can business productivity be improved by using the mobile platformCRM has, so far, been limited to an environment that only contains devices like desktops and laptops. Although they are portable, switching on laptops simply to perform a minor day-to-day task can become inconvenient and unproductive for a business executive or sales representative.

Communicating with your clients and customers via email, studying and analyzing the generated reports for insight or checking and updating the CRM customer database – all these tasks become unavailable as soon as the personnel leave the office ecosystem. This tends to result from a lot of delays and wastage of time, which ultimately decreases the overall productivity of the business.

With an increasing amount of people all over the world adopting mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to interact and engage with each other, it’s only logical for businesses to jump on the bandwagon, for increased effectiveness. Couple this mobile revolution with the advent of cloud-based systems and faster computing and you gain the possibility of creating a closely integrated business network that aims at seamless switching between large devices to more portable ones.

From a more focused business perspective,mobile CRM software can be utilized by a company for various purposes, such as add a communication channel as an interface with customers (mobile apps), facilitate swift and efficient inter-department communication (the marketing team can take tips from the sales team to properly define lead parameters), keep track of and maintain employee accountability (route mapping and tracking of sales employees), obtain actionable insight while out in the field or on-the-go, or simply remove bottlenecks in the business operations, like those mentioned earlier. All of these features encourage efficient practices in the company, which eventually creates the right business image in the minds of existing as well as potential customers.

Quick access to important information on your fingertips

When a business adopts a CRM software service, they get access to tools that allow them to collect customer data from each of their sources and centralize it into an elaborate cloud-enabled database. This enables every department to easily access and share information amongst themselves for more effective collaboration.

Apart from that, on an individual level, sales executives can remotely access the CRM database from their smartphone or tablet to look up information on a specific customer before going to meet them – this could be anything from the customer’s personal information to their purchase history, preferences, grievances, suggestions, and status in the sales funnel.

Allows automation of boring and monotonous tasks

Even with a traditional CRM system, sometimes employees must manually perform some of the more repetitive tasks such as data entry into the database or responding with the same message to hundreds of clients. These activities reduce the effective time that the employee spends in acquiring a new lead, working to convert a hot lead, or interacting with an existing customer to generate more business through cross-selling or up-selling.

By integrating the business with mobile CRM software these uninteresting, albeit important, tasks can be automated with pre-set categories or messages that can properly guide the software. With this, the sales executive has more time to attend to leads and customers, thereby effectively reducing the length of the sales cycle and creating more revenue.

Facilitates proactive growth in an ever-changing market

Mobile CRM software has benefits that are also applicable to personnel other than sales executives – product planners and developers. In today’s customer-centric market, it is important to study historical data in order to recognize emerging future trends; this can essentially be done by getting relevant information from customers as quickly as possible.

As soon as they source the information through meetings, the sales team can instantly pass it on to the planners and developers for analysis. The quicker a company reacts to the changes in the market, the better the value they provide to their customers and maintain both customer satisfaction as well as market share – a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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