How to Get Better Responses to Email Marketing Campaigns with CRM

Seven CRM-based E-mail marketing Strategies to improve response

The CRM software service plays a vital role in improving the company-customer relationship, which leads to more people clicking, reading, and engaging with your email messages and more often.

Well-implemented CRM software allows you to manage data associated with the customers. It organizes customer information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities on a single platform. A CRM platform also improves the email marketing ROI by helping the sales and marketing teams know what of the sales funnel a customer is in. This helps marketers and salespeople realize where and how to apply their email-marketing strategies to propel a customer through the funnel for a successful conversion.

When you use a CRM platform, you have access to every important performance metric that can help in driving email-marketing strategies to a new level.

The following are some CRM-based email marketing strategies that can improve performance and give better results:

1. Relying on history

A customer’s purchase history and interaction stored in the cloud-based CRM gives a brief on the customer’s likes and dislikes. Planning your email marketing strategies around this data is a sure hit! You could send emails notifying the customer of discounts or promotions, and advertisements could be based on their established preferences during previous sales. Purchase history could also hint at an emerging market trend and lets you focus on similar mail content for other leads and prospects.

2. The social media advantage

CRM integration brings the advantage of insight into customer choices and opinions. Social media conversations can shed light on what your customers are discussing and what interests them. You will not only be able to form a picture of your company’s image but also get a fair idea of the industry in general. You can use this information to create customized content for your email marketing messages.

Another strategy that could be implemented with social media is attracting your intended audience by informing them that you will be discussing a particular topic in your next email marketing message. If people are interested, they are encouraged to sign up and receive more information. The CRM software service maintains a log on every response that is received.

3. Using contact information

Send customized emails based on a customer’s contact information stored in the CRM. You can obtain better insight simply by understanding the profiles of the people that you intend to contact. This can be used to tailor relevant email content to your target audience.

4. Creating a customer persona

CRM systems help you define your customers and create customer personas. This is an excellent way to understand your audience and classify them into different email marketing segments. Consider using a marketing funnel to segment your audience into appropriate personas. This could help you to create targeted messages that work best for your email campaigns.

5. Using email templates

CRM provides email templates to send one message to multiple recipients. Email templates can also be used to send mass email campaigns to the company’s leads and prospects. This is the easiest and most reliable way to send emails with a branded look to optimize reader response.

6. Audience targeting through CRM

The CRM software service gives you information on the last time a customer logged on to your website, made any online purchases, or filled their cart but didn’t complete the purchase etc. Email strategies like updates about upcoming offers, un-billed products in the cart, out of stock products etc can heat up a cold lead. Using CRM, you can get to know your clients and gain actionable insight from their activities, which is sure to have a positive impact on the returns that your email marketing software produces.

7. Filtering potential leads

Use the lead scoring feature that is present in most CRM systems to concentrate on leads with high ROI potential, usually indicated with a high lead score. You can then use their lead score, location in the sales funnel, the persona that fits them, and other relevant data from your CRM to send them relevant, personalized emails – bringing you higher open and click-through rates.

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