Kapture , customer service

CRM for customers – new ways to build creative customer relationships

Kapture , customer service

Back in the 80’s, customer service as a concept, had just emerged within businesses and one can’t help but notice how effective that was in bringing about sales and profits! However, back then many companies had limited number of customers and hence the service was also bounded within that limit. With booming businesses, the need for a better and more evolved customer service came into the picture, which paved way for the customer relationship concepts and then, with time, introduced the Customer Relationship Management modules.

By understanding customer service and customer relationship building as concepts, we get a crystal clear view of CRM in the business prospective.

1. Building Relationship :

Many companies were not able to maintain constant relationship with their customers. Unsatisfied customers, improper lead management, underrated service etc., may have been the reason to build ice layer between customer and companies.

CRM software became the iron bridge making way for a better relationship between customers and companies. Customer service was the ultimate thing for any business earlier. But, now things have changed to suit the current demands of any growing business and with the aid of CRM software, and its valuable features, relationship building is developed and fostered with customers. This relationship emphasizes the importance of customer in business development.

2. Mobilization:

At present, the CRM is also available even to every smart phone device and is successful in directly connecting to the customer, to provide an end-to-end service. Since the time of mobilization of CRM, business phase has positive changes and has been showing tremendous results with respect to increase in leads, profitable service and better customer relationship.

Reports can be obtained through e-mails, which can even be auto-generated now, in almost no time!  Alerts or notifications can be sent to clients or one’s own employees, either manually or even automated, by the CRM itself, or scheduled as per the timeline. Customers can also be updated about their services or products, and their order, with the help of CRM. This Mobile CRM provides constant updates and ensures long-term customer relationships.

3. Social Media :

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., are indeed the new-generation way to attract the potential customers. As CRM is integrated with social media, customer profile procured is very vast and can be expanded with contact information, address, birthday and details of occupation and income. It also gives added information regarding other interests or needs of customers. This information can be used to give surprise to customers on special occasions, which ensure a strong relationship and a better bond between the business and the customer. Social media is the best platform for marketing with minimum cost.

A business eventually has one motto, which in this case the CRM can help in achieving- Get maximum leads! Expose the value of service or products within your business to a large number of people. All the above factors ensure a stronger and better customer relationship because even a few customers will be loyal for the service they receive and maintain a long term relationship, with the help of integrated CRM.

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