Comprehensive Lead Management

Increase your lead to sales ratio and acquire more customers


Multiple Lead Sources, one Lead dashboard

Kapture online lead management software collects and streamlines enquiries from multiple online/offline channels to a single cloud-based dashboard. Combine and streamline diverse sources of leads such as email, calls, web-forms, marketing campaigns, channel partners into a single dashboard. Meanwhile, the lead management, mobile app gives real-time updates for each prospect.

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Discover and Leverage every potential lead opportunity

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Receive and manage your prospect E-mail inquiry threads on a unified cloud-based account. Also respond to all prospect emails from within the lead management software dashboard.

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Capture online leads through embedded custom web forms on your website. By integrating website forms into the lead management dashboard, Kapture lead CRM intimates you about the latest enquiries. Create and organize a better way of online lead management

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Marketing campaigns

Run targeted marketing and re-marketing campaigns using integrated lead management tools. Also collect all the relevant information about the inbound leads in a single Kapture lead management system dashboard. Now start maximizing your marketing ROI and opportunities for closures.

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The cloud telephony API integration lets you connect and attend all phone calls from a single lead management system. You can also store the relevant informational snippets concerning your customer conversations in the cloud system.

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Live chat

Maximize your website or app visit to sales conversion through integrated website live chat. Kapture CRM knowledge base gives you a preview of client purchase history and interactions. The chat integration lets you instantly resolve these potential problems.

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Partner sites

Track the leads received from affiliate and partner websites on a unified cloud dashboard. Eliminate multiple tabs and combine all lead sources in a single dashboard.

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Enquiry forms

Every Lead Opportunity Utilized and Maximized

Manage custom built web enquiry forms to collect specific customer requirements. Being integrated with the lead management, CRM, you can collect all the relevant customer information in a single dashboard.

Prioritized Lead Qualification

Because some leads are important than the rest

Increase your conversions and revenue by prioritizing actions between the available leads. The lead management tool collects and displays information about the individual leads. This lead management, workflow enables you to first attend to opportunities with better chances of conversion and consequently higher revenues.

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Lead nurturing

Nurture your leads into clients

The Kapture lead management tool helps you manage targeted lead nurturing process to engage and convert your customers in the long-term. Maximize the chances of your leads getting converted into customers. The sales lead management tool helps you set-up trigger-based email delivery system to engage with your entire customer base.

Lead Assignment

Assign, attend and close Leads at the earliest

Make sure that every lead gets attended at the earliest with the comprehensive ticketing system. The mobile ticketing system lets you assign the latest leads to the right sales rep. This translates to better customer attention and quicker lead closure.

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Enquiry filters

Categorize information based on your need

Collect and streamline all leads into a single dashboard. with the Kapture lead management tool, you can filter your available list of leads according to products, sources, contacts, zones, or assignees.

Enquiry history

Glean valuable insights about your prospects

Review and learn valuable customer insights by viewing the history of customer interactions. The lead management CRM stores the details of mails exchanged, quotations generated in an all-in-one-platform. Also check for any attached team notes or remarks. This process helps you manage and optimize your lead management workflow.

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Graphical reports

Generate smart 360 lead performance reports

Start pulling custom leads performance reports that give a 360 view of your leads. You can compare lead performance v/s assigned employee, products, lead or prospect type and custom time periods. This helps you visualize and evaluate your performance at managing opportunities.