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Manage Sales Leads and Track Your Pipeline Diligently


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Gather and streamline enquiries from multiple channels to a unified cloud-based dashboard on the sales lead tracking software. View detailed company history, contacts, and view complete interaction. Combine diverse sources of leads such as emails, calls, web-forms, marketing campaigns, channel partners into a single dashboard.

Get real-time updates of each prospect via Kapture’s lead tracking app and keep track of every lead at every stage.

Give your Outreach a Personal Touch

Save time by automating your sales tasks and crack deals faster. Send quick emails through Kapture’s Email Solution, record calls on-the-go, get detailed information of the customers and add a personal touch to your follow ups. With all the information at your fingertips, easily manage potential prospects, nurture cold leads, and convert more leads into hot deals.

Automate Leads Distribution

Customize your workflow and assign leads to your team based on the locations, departments, and products. Re-route leads equally based on the agent’s availability and optimize follow ups. Segregate and streamline your lead flow and ensure that no lead is ever missed.

Pipeline Management

When you deal with a large number of leads, it can be difficult to understand which leads to focus on. Kapture’s pipeline management helps you prioritize your focused leads with tags like Hot, Warm, and Cold for better conversions. Segregate your leads based on the industry and auto-allocate it to the right team. Pin all the information about leads you want to see on the pinnable dashboard.

Territory Management

Assign, and monitor leads by territory that are being generated across all the territories. Kapture’s Territory Management helps you focus on your most potential leads by adding depth to the data. Automate your sales tasks, re-route leads, account-based re-routing, round robin, and accelerate the growth and revenue. Speed up your lead management process by ensuring that leads are automatically re-routed to the right territory.

Collaborate Within your Team

Make sure that your entire internal team verticals remain accessible and collaborative within Kapture’s mobility ecosystem. Kapture’s Mobile app ensures easy team participation and productive work collaboration.

Find Prospects Near You

Customize your workflow and assign leads to your team based on the locations, departments, and products. Re-route leads equally based on the agent’s availability and optimize follow ups. Segregate and streamline your lead flow and ensure that no lead is ever missed.

Kapture Every Lead, Utilize Every Opportunity

Manage custom built web enquiry forms to collect specific customer requirements. Being integrated with the lead management CRM, you can collect all the relevant customer information on a single dashboard. Automate follow up for those leads and check real-time lead updates right on your customized dashboard. Discard the junk leads right away through leads rejection and focus on leads which need your attention.

Customer Mapping & Meeting Pattern

Map the entire journey of your every customer and pay attention to your potential leads by closely monitoring every lead at each step. Get the complete overview of all leads and a detailed snapshot of every lead. Find out how many meetings are taking place by selecting a time duration and map out your meeting. Easily edit or update your customer meetings just by clicking on it.

Nurture Leads at The Right Time

Never miss any lead opportunity and interact at the right time. Get detailed insights of each lead and tag them based on the priority (Hot, Warm, Cold). View or edit crucial lead information like lead contact details, action taken, ticket status, quotation details, and description. Take multiple actions for a single lead like sending SMS or a custom email right from your dashboard and stay at the top of your game.

Positioning, timing, and prospecting are the three tenets to effective lead management. And a lead management software system is a power tool to help you do just that in every lead prospecting cycle. CRM Lead management is a solution that’s part of the sales cloud and which simplifies an otherwise tedious process into a single-view solution. With a lead tracking software, following up becomes increasingly personalised and automation reduces manual tasks while every lead is given the attention it deserves. Lead pipelines need to be streamlined and segregation helps manage difficult pipelines leading to better conversions.

Effective lead management entails nurturing each lead at the most opportune time so that you know the status of each lead throughout its journey. When meetings with potential leads are mapped, it becomes easier to update and look back on meetings with ease. Lead management is never at its highest without good collaboration within a sales team. The lead tracking system enables instant access to information within internal teams thus improving collaboration. Kapture’s lead management system gives you the capability to give each lead all the attention it deserves by leveraging the power of data. Allocate, automate, and personalize lead management with the Kapture lead management dashboard.