Kapture CRM task Management Portal

How CRM Hierarchy duplicates as task Management Portal?

Kapture CRM task Management Portal

For a modern operational organization, smooth data and information flow are like blood replenishing the entire body. When a company faces rigidity or issues, they are often caused due to lack of smooth communication between different departments. In these cases, one can develop organizational stagnation, and lacking smooth co-ordination and functioning.

An integrated CRM system can act as a powerful catalyze, pushing relevant information to every part of the organization. CRM can be your ultimate solution, which helps you in getting multiple end-results and effectively distributes the allocated tasks and duties. Through regular arrival of relevant data, you can increase overall productivity while calculating individual contributions.

Now you can get duties to every part of organization within deadlines utilizing tasks at best of ability. When used effectively, it will help you provide an amazing service to your customer which will in turn help the whole business work as a team to satisfy every customer.

How CRM Strategies your work Hierarchy?

CEO- Manager A Manager B Manager C

CRM software will help your organization to work more efficiently and will help in better task management as it enables the proper completion of the tasks assigned to particular departments. It also helps to developing coordination among the member of the team and in saving time with logging everything in the time sheets. It automatically sets reminders, employee availability, priority task, emails and assigned tasks.

For a task to get completed, it requires people, machine and finances. So the proper scheduling of work is important to distribute the work evenly amongst all the employees and ensure that it amplifies the team work.

1. Expense Management

Expenses made on multiple social channels and media channels can be tracked and productivity reports can be generated. Reimbursement can be done on the basis of attendance management.

2. Lead Management

Manage leads from different marketing sources. You can view the leads in all its stages. (You can view if you have to follow up on your lead, need to go for a demo, need to send a quote, raise an invoice, or going for a pitch

3. Inventory Management

Manage your different categories of products, their stocks and prices and ensure that you can provide discounts or make changes on taxes per product.

4. Handle your Bookings

Bookings sound easy to create but are hard to manage. With a CRM, you can update accurate booking features daily and view if the booking is done through cash, cheque and demand draft and RTGS methods.

5. Post Sales Services

You can also track the invoice generation and also the client’s feedback. So fill up your communication gap with the help of CRM, which also doubles up as the distribution portal.

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