Four ways to measure effectiveness of e-mail marketing campaigns


Marketing is one of the major aspects of business. The marketing department is responsible for lead generation. If you are from the marketing department, then you might be able to understand how important email marketing is for a business. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Email marketing is basically sending emails with details of your products to thousands of people at a time. There are many trends of email marketing which have captured the market. Marketers attach video to the mail, or an animation to make the email campaign more interesting. Email marketing can also be done on a location based format and social media has also been used to boost up the email list. These are the latest trends of email marketing which has helped it to become an important tool in the arsenal of a marketing personnel.

Email marketing done through CRM has many options. You can create a template of the e-mailer you want to send and save it just once in the CRM. Then you just need to select the template and put in the senders list for which you can upload an excel sheet. This way you can save e-mailer for different campaigns from the same CRM platform. Normal e-mail marketing gives you details about the clicks generated, while email marketing through CRM comes with premium analytics. When an individual clicks on an e-mailer, it is just the first step.

Mailer leads to the website where user fills the form. Filling of the form gives you all the details about the individual like name, age, phone number, address, email id, and many other details which gets stored as a lead. CRM gives you analytics about the number of clicks. The detailed information of the number of clicks gets automatically updated in the enquiry section.

This can also be seen in your CRM dashboard as lead generated, what is the status of the lead, where was the lead generated from, which product was the enquiry regarding. All these factors can only be available with a CRM software.

Kapture CRM software gives you in depth details about each and every lead.

Status of the Lead :

It suggests if the lead is hot, warm or cold based on the interactions with the client. It is also colour coded so that one can straightaway identify the status of the lead just by looking at it.

Source of the Lead :

It even suggests the source of the lead, i.e. where was the lead generated from, what was the primary source and secondary source.

Stage of the meeting :

It also highlights what is the current stage of the lead like, meeting scheduled, meeting done, quote sent, demo given, price approved, contract signed. This way you can get minute details about each and every lead.

Product Enquiry :

You can also view which product the inquire was regarding, and how much was the enquiry for, what was the rate quoted. All these details can be viewed on the dashboard itself.

Also through the CRM software you can get instant e-mail reports which will help you determine if your email marketing campaign was successful or not. If not, you can make instant changes, so as to correct the mistakes committed and have a successful campaign.

Kapture CRM integrates your e-mail marketing with premium analytic which gives you results that you won’t get otherwise.

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