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Monitor and manage all your Email Campaign activities from one dashboard


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Segment and Target your Email Campaigns for High ROI

Start managing all your email marketing campaign activities from a single platform – email marketing CRM. The email campaign software allows you to collect Email lists, segregate customers and upload new email lists, set email templates, automate email campaigns etc. All these help you run email campaigns based on the customer type and purchase intent. Tailor and execute email campaigns that capture customer attention and purchases.

Harness the power of emails, all within a unified platform

In order to achieve high ROI from your email marketing campaigns, you need to effectively target email lists and pitch the right marketing message. You also need to match the customer intent. Kapture email marketing suite lets you plan and execute highly converting email marketing campaigns. This allows you to manage all your campaign-related activities within a unified platform.

  • Collect lead and customer email lists
  • Categorize and segment available emails into lists
  • Set-up automated campaigns at a particular time
  • Receive and reply to customer replies
  • Monitor campaign performances

By combining all these utilities, you can start sending email messages that directly appeal to each of your audience segment. Kapture email marketing management software enables you to invoke the right response or interest for your product.

E-Mailer campaigns

Design hard-hitting mail campaigns

Run targeted email campaigns that will take you closer to your customer! Within Kapture email marketing solution, you can collect customer data and turn it into valuable insights. This allows you to design the email campaign, craft the marketing message and deliver it to your target audience segment.

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Email list management

Pick and target with ease

Manage accurate customer segmentation based on different audience parameter Kapture email campaign tools. Now you can deliver precise email campaigns to the right individuals based on segmented Email list. Also, start narrowing down on your target audience based on multiple parameters such as demographics, customer history and business activity.

Email Templates

Be always campaign-ready with preset templates!

Always be ready to execute a mass e-mailer campaign by having an inbuilt custom template library. By having a customer-oriented template for each specific segment, you can add the flavor of personalization to your campaigns. Now start running smarter and quicker email marketing campaigns.

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Email Marketing Campaign Software in Hyderabad

Email delivery

Ensure your Emails improved inbox performances

Maximize the chances of your emails getting read with Kapture email marketing CRM. Kapture’s emailing tool lets you plan and automate your email campaigns at a set time. When coupled with Sendgrid guaranteed 99% delivery rate, you could be sure about your emails get delivered anywhere, anyways.