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CRM Mailing integration: 5 Reasons for sales team to practice better email equitee

Kapture CRM Mailing

When your business is growing, there are many challenges faced by the business and people helping to run it, on a regular basis. There are problems faced by many different departments. The sales department in itself faces a lot of problems on a daily basis.

All these problems can be solved with a single solution. It has been seen that CRM software solves all the problems faced by a sales team on a day to day basis with ease and makes their life less complex. CRM software is the single solution whose application helps the sales team a lot in its working. Even a single feature of CRM helps the sales department to a great extent. Let’s see how sales team is benefited by this single feature of CRM mailing integration. 

Email and live chat integration :

CRM can configure your inbox in such a way that you can access it anytime and anywhere. Leads which come in through emails can also be classified through various criteria and can be allocated to different departments. CRM also integrates live chat through which your sales team can communicate with each other. It can also be used to broadcast any important message to diversified set to audience.

Bulk Mail:

Bulk mails are one of the biggest features of CRM used by the sales department. Bulk mailing feature enables you to send around 2000 to 5000 mails at a time. Through a normal mail id one can send a maximum of 200 mails per day and not more than 20 at a time. Bulk mails are very useful for the sales team because the bulk mailers which are sent contain information about the product or service. This helps to generate leads of prospective clients. It also helps the sales personnel, when they go to meet the client, because the client already knows about your product and doesn’t need much information. If the mail feature would have not been there, the sales person would have to go and explain the products to all the potential customers in person.

Instant Email Report :

CRM software gives you an instant email and SMS report from which you will get to know how many people the mailer has been delivered to and how many people have opened it and how many have clicked on it. These kind of mail reports can be obtained instantly only from the CRM.

Better Delivery:

CRM software generates better delivery of mails. When you send mails from the normal mail id, there are more chances for it to go into spam, but that is not the case with CRM mail integration.

Mail quotes and Invoice:

One can even mail quotations to the prospective client through CRM software. Also one can send e-mail invoices, calculate taxes of the invoice of their clients through the CRM itself. One can even create multiple templates for the emails beforehand, so that it saves a lot of time which is consumed for creating mails.

This is the reason why, a sales team should use a CRM software as CRM mail integration helps the sales department in so many ways.

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