CRM Value Chain

How connecting processes can build a greater CRM value chain

CRM Value Chain

When you are working in a big organisation, one of the biggest tasks you face is to keep all the departments in sync with each other. Your business faces big problems due to communication lapse between all your departments. These problems then affect your business process and functioning as a company which causes many internal disputes and have a big chance to reflect on your product or your service. It might be very difficult to believe how a single aspect can synonymously solve such a big problem faced by your business and help you run your business without any hiccups.

A single solution for all problems faced by every department is the CRM software which brings all your departments in synchronisation and helps your organisation function smoothly. The CRM software helps build a process which helps your business grow and create a value chain across all department, enabling them to function better and realise their true potential. Let us see how a CRM software will help your business function better get all the departments in synchronisation.

Marketing :

Marketing department can benefit a lot from marketing management through CRM software. They can create all their marketing campaigns in their CRM software. They can even create test campaigns to check if their marketing campaigns have the potential to generate the results. You also get to increase the reach of your campaigns by using the key words generated by the CRM after analysing the analytics. It also helps you manage multiple marketing campaigns at the same time.  Analytics and ROI report helps you to take informed decisions as in which campaign is helping you generate maximum leads so that you can focus there.

Operations :

CRM software helps the operation team a lot. leads generated by the marketing department through different sources can be compiled in CRM software. The operation team can view all the leads generated by the marketing department on their dashboard. They can view all the details of the lead which can be used when reaching out to the prospective client. The dashboard helps in monitoring all the leads. It also highlights the status of the lead from which source was the lead generated. Operations also can assign leads directly to the sales team. Leads can be assigned to a particular individual or it can be pre-programmed in a customized format, according to your needs.

Sales :

Life of the sales department becomes very easy, because of CRM software which is a cloud based sales lead management tool. CRM is sales effectiveness software which helps you to follow and manage follow ups, streamline payment process, generate quotations, send invoice, etc. One can also learn many sales time management tricks from the CRM software which helps you to manage your time carefully and achieve maximum business for your organisation.
So the CRM software helps you to build a process which can build a greater CRM value chain and help your organisation function like a well-oiled machine, just the way it is supposed to.

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