Top Things Businesses Love About Kapture CRM

How Kapture CRM is helping Hundreds of Businesses Increase Customer Happiness

Customer Support has become an integral part of almost every business enterprise these days. Moving away from the siloed approach of customer service, today businesses are incorporating customer support automation into their business intelligence strategies. Today companies are opting for efficient ticketing software like Kapture CRM for enhancing their customer satisfaction. 

Kapture CRM, a SaaS-based cloud platform that is more than just a helpdesk ticketing system, is serving big guns in the market by managing their daily operations and workflow. This new-age software uses the latest technology to assist modern organizations to tackle unique challenges and enhance productivity. Kapture uses machine learning to automate customer support and provide organizations with a hassle-free experience.

Ways Kapture CRM helps improve business

CRM solutions such as Kapture have evolved over the years to understand customers, their needs, and serve them accordingly. Kapture helps several businesses across the globe in improving their business as well as enhancing customer satisfaction. It helps businesses to forecast customer purchase patterns and ultimately deliver delightful customer experiences. So, here are the top things that businesses love about Kapture CRM.

  • Easy Ticket Management

One of the major benefits of using Kapture CRM is that it helps businesses maximizing their customer satisfaction with an all-in-one helpdesk ticketing system. Managing tickets efficiently is of utmost importance for every business, especially customer-centric enterprises. Ticket backlogs can become one of the reasons for losing your loyal customer base. With Kapture’s intelligent helpdesk system that unifies complex workflows and ensures faster ticket resolution, retaining customers is everyone’s piece of cake. 

  • Self- Service Portal

How Kapture CRM is helping businesses today is by increasing their CSAT rate and creating a loyal customer base. With features like self-service Kapture guides businesses in helping their customers help themselves. It provides customers with an option to get instant and quick solutions for their issues. By automating repetitive questions to FAQ, it creates auto-responses for queries based on keywords. Businesses can save their customers from long wait times and unanswered emails and directs them to the relevant department at once. Allow your customers to take quick action by themselves, like make changes or updates on their updated orders, etc.

  • Omnichannel Support System

Though most CRM’s today have an omnichannel presence, Kapture CRM offers enterprises a live cloud dashboard that integrates different queries from multiple platforms. customer queries and complaints can be turned into delightful customer experiences by ensuring proper ticket management and customer interactions through this unified dashboard. 

  • Powerful Integrations 

With over 500+ ready to use API’s that ensures your business is running at a good pace and brings down the operational costs. Kapture CRM’s API integration provides enterprises with popular and common third party integrations and business processes that will further help you in enhancing your customer experience. 

  • Learning Management system

Monitoring your sales and support team and keeping a track of their performance is mandatory for businesses to ensure an organized working environment. One of the significant ways Kapture CRM helps improve your business is by providing an organized learning management system that provides a detailed database and custom reports by which you can efficiently manage and track your employee performance and productivity. 

  • Knowledge Management System

A reliable knowledge base with authentic data and information is a necessity when it comes to customer-centric enterprises. With Kapture’s intelligent Knowledge management system, create a one-stop centralized knowledge base with all relevant content and information that is readily available for your whole team. Keep your team updated with new articles, updates, edits, and relevant information about specific tickets. Say goodbye to long email formats and ensure a hassle-free working environment by leveraging Kapture CRM for your business. 

  • Cloud Database Management

Wondering how to grow customer satisfaction with Kapture CRM? Here is it. A customer database is not merely a sheet with various information about your customers, but an asset to your business. With customer profiling businesses can understand their customers and their preferences better which will further help them in creating targeted marketing campaigns and content based aiming to solve their exact pain points. Enhance your relationship with your repeat buyers and ensure a high CSAT rate with an excellent customer database.

  • Seamless Transition

The major reason why businesses choose Kapture CRM over others is because of its flexibility and seamless installation. Migrating to Kapture is smooth and faster with a dedicated team of implementation. It ensures that all important information and data is successfully transferred and is easily accessible for everyone, within few minutes of installation. 

  • High-Security Management

 Safe and secure transition is of utmost importance for Kapture and ensures that sensitive data are highly secured with double lock authorization management. The authorization of data is restricted to those people who require it.

  • Fast Go-Live

With an assisted implementation team, once the transition is complete, Kapture ensures that there is no delay in running the program and is implemented at a faster pace. In addition to this, Kapture CRM is easy to use, efficient, and is flexible enough to suit various business needs as well as business intelligence strategies. 

With the advent of digital transformation, CRM platforms are fast adapting to changing customer trends. CRM solutions are no longer just about ticket management. It is now being leveraged by companies to systemize and optimize customer engagement, data management, daily operations, and support automation. Kapture is helping hundreds of businesses worldwide in managing their support operations. It takes time to understand the business workflow and the requirements of customers and then help them take their customer support to the next level by providing them with all the customized tools they require.

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