5 smart CRM Productivity Tools to boost employee performance

Times are unusual in today’s world and due to this, it is very difficult for businesses across the globe to fixate on a standing ground business intelligence strategy. Though the Pandemic still exists the waves are settling down and organizations are slowly, and safely making their way into the earlier norm of working from the office. This sudden shift in working culture might hamper the productivity of your employees. In the bigger picture, it might hamper the productivity of your business as a whole. 

What businesses need here is an intelligent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to increase team productivity and ensure seamless customers support. CRM like Kapture provides excellent tools and features that can boost your sales team and support team productivity, no matter where you are working from. 

5 Must have tools to maximize the productivity of customer support teams

The working culture has shifted and it has become back to normal now. To avoid the dilemma of kick-starting work from office habits businesses have to measure the productivity of the customer support team in terms of the overall productivity. To ensure a seamless workflow, companies need to incorporate a support automation tool that ensures smooth daily operations. Here are some of the must-have CRM tools for customer support.

1.Automation Tools

Automation can save a lot of time and energy for your agents especially now they are back on the field working from the office. Cloud platforms like Kapture are customer automation platforms that automate your daily support operations and help businesses in managing their workflow efficiently and smoothly. 

2. Efficient Ticket Management System 

It takes proper organization and a detailed strategic approach to ensure that there is a balance in your customer-client relationship. Managing tickets by ensuring fewer ticket backlogs is indeed a complex task. By leveraging CRM like Kapture enterprises have a smart and intelligent helpdesk system that unifies and simplifies even the complex workflows ensuring improved and quality responses. It provides faster ticket resolutions and allows your agents to give instant responses to frequently asked questions with automated responses. 

3. Self- Service Portal 

Employee satisfaction is as important as ensuring customer satisfaction rate. Self-service portals automate repetitive queries into the FAQ and drive greater customer experience as well as employee satisfaction. By providing your customers a self-help section, there is no need to stay in log calls or unanswered and they receive quick and easy solutions for queries. This also leaves your agents free to deal with the more productive and complex tasks.

4. Order Management System 

Manage your orders efficiently and ensure a high CSAT rate by leveraging an intelligent CRM tool like Kapture, which has an organized and systematic order management system. Your employees can easily adapt to the office culture without even hampering their productivity as they can easily manage, add, or make changes in order while they are out on the field with an intelligent order management system

5. Cloud Customer Database 

Customer database management has a lot more advantages than merely having all the details and demographics of your customer. Now, no need to spend a large amount of your time finding, researching, and managing your customer data. With a cloud customer database, work from the office is as easy as a remote working culture. Your customer’s purchase history, past issues that are resolved, orders everything is available at a single touch. Personalization is now just a matter of analyzing these data. 

Which CRM Tool helps in boosting CSAT Score?

The answer is simple, an intelligent CRM tool that provides all the above-mentioned features can help in boosting your CSAT score to heights. It is important to choose the right CRM that suits your business intelligence strategies to harness its complete benefits. 

Leverage all the benefits of an intelligent CRM tool to automate your support operations and manage workflow as now you are back in the office, and never let the shift hamper your team’s productivity.

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