Kapture's Field Service Management Software

Kapture’s Field Service Management Software

For a business to run smoothly, it has to ensure that all its employees, be it, service agents or field agents are working accordingly and are productive in their respective jobs. Managing a team of field force agents is comparatively a complex task for most businesses. This is because it involves multiple variables, from tracking the login and out time to keeping a tab on all the unpredictable changes that happen on the field. Though electronic databases helped to manage the team to an extent, human errors and miscommunications plagued many companies and it hampered the whole business process as well as productivity. 

According to research by Verizon Connect, “51% of fleet management companies use FSM software, while 52% integrate FSM with their fleet tracking solutions.”

Therefore, what businesses need today is efficient field service management or FSM software that can seamlessly automate their field operations. CRM’s like Kapture has an intelligent Field service management solution that automatically assigns tickets to your field reps, track their location, close tickets, and complete reports within minutes. 

Mobile CRM Ensuring Seamless Field Operations

The sophisticated system of field service management (FSM) technology is backed with a technology that helps in managing the mobile workforce and field service operations relieving businesses from the inefficiencies of the traditional operations. Kapture CRM introduces a mobile generated system, Kapture’s Mobile CRM where customer support and field support is just a touchpoint away for businesses. 

With Kapture’s mobile CRM employees can easily assign service requests to field agents whenever a ticket is raised, reducing wait times and enhancing the customer experience for customers. Along with resolving tickets on the go, they can also view the allotted service task list, track agent productivity and update the status of the ticket. An FSM software thus ensures that updates about each specific ticket are accessible to the whole team and everyone is on the same page. This is a good strategy to streamline workflow and ensure a high CSAT rate as employees can solve the exact pain points of customers at the right time without any delay or confusion. 

A study suggests that “The combination of mobility and artificial intelligence (AI) improve field service agent productivity by 30% to 40%.”

FSM Software for Field Operations 

  • Never miss a ticket update: Field operations also plays an important part in enhancing customer experience and increasing the CSAT rate. Kapture provides enterprises with excellent field service management software that ensures that a ticket update is never missed. It’s easy for all field agents to schedule a service plan or visit based on their availability and location. All the ticket updates are mentioned on a single platform in the cloud CRM and are accessible for the whole team. With Mobile CRM it’s easy to get real-time notifications and assign tickets to agents on the field. 
  • Readily Available Data: With a cloud customer database and a centralized dashboard all-important data are readily available for agents as well as other employees. Be it customer product history, past issues, conversations, field agents can use this data to understand customer’s issues better and provide service accordingly. 
  • Seamless Communication through mobile app: Kapture’s Mobile CRM gives your agents the flexibility to communicate with customers or other employees seamlessly from anywhere and clear their queries regarding the tickets. Once the ticket is closed your field agents will receive a service report where they can fill out the report with just a few click in the app.,


Field Service Management Software For Customer Support

Along with field operations, FSM software also enhances your companies customer service by:

  • Enhancing Customer experience with reduced ticket backlogs
  • Boost CSAT rate with real-time solutions
  • Helps in creating a loyal customer base with accurate on-time services
  • Maintain a good client-customer relationship

Field Service Management is therefore an inevitable part of your business intelligence strategy. To create productive employee engagement with high CSAT leverage Kapture’s intelligent FSM software and scale your business to heights of success. 

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