The Role of Artificial Intelligence in CRM

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a fundamental component in any business that wants to thrive in this competitive market. More and more brands are finally learning the value of placing their focus on customer service. Gone are the days when a good product would satisfy a customer. Today, all customers want to feel wanted and special. So, businesses have their work cut out and they are becoming more customer-centric. However, the challenge that they face is to do so effectively. A CRM can certainly have a lot to offer customers as a customer support tool. The most innovative addition to the mix is the power of Artificial Intelligence. The incorporation of AI within a CRM is a real game-changer and here’s why.


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An Intuitive Approach to Solutions

The live chat function in the CRM utilises high-end AI serviceability to deliver apt responses and suggestions to users. It does so by simulating human processes and analysing the information available. AI is what gives us quick responses via chat without having to wait for long. Machine Learning, a branch of AI, also plays a part by learning and storing patterns that emerge from conversations. This results in a more personalized response as time goes on. It develops itself to make it highly efficient.

Auto-Customer Service

You can depend on AI to come up with answers to your routine tasks as it can suggest better ways to group and assign your tickets to relevant departments. Using the help of keywords, it can deduce what the user if looking for and relays the message to your team. Your CRM system will benefit hugely because the AI tool will sort tickets by time, location, zone, etc. and make your work simpler. And it goes without saying that it will save you a ton of time.

Reduce Escalations with Lower Ticket Volume

One of the best things about Artificial Intelligence is how easy it becomes to deliver customer service. You can actually significantly reduce the number of escalations by simply providing effectual resolutions for tickets. Using the CRM software, you can increase your First Call Resolution rate because it brings you a systematic way of dealing with tickets. You can answer customers in real-time by getting notified instantly when there is an incoming ticket. An AI-enabled CRM enables you to give customised service which in turn will lead to higher customer retention.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Score

What matters most for a brand is consistent growth, which is only possible by engaging with customers constantly. Using AI, you can practically set up a virtual digital assistant that can work for you even when you are not around. Your work is simplified and customers get service 24/7. It is a win-win by all counts. Also, an AI-powered live chat tool is in tune with global industry standards. Businesses today need to keep up with customer trends and focus on speedy service or risk losing customers.

What AI Brings to the Table

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace is quite clear – to automate routine tasks, to deliver fast responses to customers and to provide accurate insights to further business growth. Ai almost eliminates the need for manual effort and also makes all processes seamless. Kapture is one such CRM which has all the functionalities a business would benefit from. It changes the way you provide customer support by bringing you the convenience of all activities on a single dashboard. Using Kapture, you can offer customers a truly omni-channel experience and connect with them via email, call, web forms, social media and of course, live chat. Its AI chatbot makes responding to customers that much simpler and faster. Using predictive responses and instant notifications, your customers won’t have to wait too long for a resolution. 

Talking from the sales point of view, it can help with forecasting future sales. This is possible using insightful reports that give you a view into the next quarter based on analysis from the previous quarters. You can practically see what your pipeline and possible revenue stream will look like in the coming months using the AI enabled reporting tool. What’s more, take advantage of reporting analytics to get an overall picture of how your company is doing. It is a complete customer service software that greatly improves customer support standards.



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