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Omnichannel support can be defined as the overview of sales within various online sources like email, live chat, social media, calls, marketing campaigns etc. A multichannel approach will radically benefit the enterprise by providing oversight to increase sale opportunities. Omnichannel support integration helps businesses focus and improve on customer interactions through each and every channel of communication.

How does omnichannel customer service help businesses?

Kapture’s multi-channel customer support integration helps you focus on the customers’ conversations, enabling you provide exceptional customer service through each and every customer support channel.

Kapture’s Multi-Channel Customer Support Integration
Kapture CRM Customer Support

Phone Support

Phone support is one of the primary mediums of getting in touch with the businesses for their customers across the globe. Kapture’s Service CRM solution enables you to:

Integrate your calls by setting a cloud-based telephonic number

Take, record, and easily track calls with customer phone support

Real-time call recordings allow you to measure your phone support agent’s productivity

Phones are popular mediums that customers use to get in touch with businesses. An omnichannel customer support allows you to attend, track and record calls by setting up a cloud based telephonic number. These recordings can be used to asses the performance of the service agents.

Live Chat Support

Engage your customers directly on the website and help them with their queries. Have real-time conversations with your customers and ensure that no query is unanswered. Follow-up on important conversations converted into tickets and keep the track of every ticket via ticket inbox.

Attain increased conversion rates through efficient customer chat support without putting your customers on hold.

Omni channel CRM solutions let you attend customers through chat instantaneously. Set up auto reply greeting messages to keep your customers engaged while a support agent is being assigned. Quality customer support directly affects the rate of conversions positively.

Kapture CRM Live Chat Support Option

Streamlined Email Support

Integrate multiple email accounts with Kapture like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. and have the entire thread of conversation with all explicit details in one inbox.

Categorize your emails into different folders and segregate the conversation team wise. Set priorities for your email ticketing based on their severity status like High, Medium, and Low. This helps the agents to cater to tickets which requires their immediate attention. You can also auto-allocate email tickets department wise. For instance, email tickets with specific keywords like “invoice” can be auto-allocated to the finance team. Set auto-response, escalate on different levels if a ticket is unattended and crosses a set period of time. Send customized emails from Kapture’s pre-defined email inventory and make your customers feel special.

  • Redirect VIP clients to Top Level Management
  • Predefine levels of email escalation
  • Set auto-response and let your customers know that you care
  • Merge multiple tickets with same issue into one thread

Multiple email accounts can be integrated with the inbox and entire conversation threads with detailed information can be accessed instantaneously. Categorize and prioritize tickets based on preference to give structure to the workflow which automatically increases efficiency of support agents.

Social Media Support

Kapture fetches conversations from social media platforms to on inbox, making it easier for your agents to engage with your customers on different social channels.

  • Efficiently manage customer feedback and reviews through social support
  • View and respond to tweets, posts and messages from Kapture

many customers nowadays contact businesses through their social media platforms, an efficient help desk ticketing system will pull conversations, comments, likes from various social media platforms and converts them into tickets so that support agents can start attending them.

Service CRM  Email Support

An omni channel customer servicer software makes sure all your bases are covered and customers are being attended to across multiple platforms. This improves efficiency and improves productivity of the agents while ensure high standards of customer support.