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“The Psychology of Telephone “On Hold Programming” by Dr Jim Will found that

The Perceived wait time could frustrate a caller if he feels the time on hold is excessive. Even if he is on hold for a few minutes – it may seem longer.

A study by New Voice Media found that 51% of customers decided to stop availing a company’s services because of one bad experience of customer support.

This amplifies the need for an engaging on Hold experience.

One that makes time not seem like a constraint, one that has a mix on hold music and voice messaging sprinkled across.

Mixes of Mozart and Beethoven’s classic symphonies are a great way to keep customers engaged as they wait to get on hold.


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Callers Stay Online for 25% Longer

A study by Infomax inc found that callers tend to stay online for 25% longer if there is a mix of on hold messaging and not just plain music. So you need to mix it up.

Ensure that you have your on Hold scripts in place, and then take your pick from these 5 engaging Hold music Options to keep your customers coming back to you happier each time

5 Options for Your On-Hold IVR Music that you can use with your Cloud Telephony Software

1 – One Hour Of Default Call Centre Music

2 – One Hour of Best On- Hold Music

3 – 10 Hours of Default Call Centre Music

4 – One Hour Super Generic Call Centre Music

5 – Simple two Minute on Hold Music


Take your pick from these options and also remember that when you incorporate IVR and on hold music with an effective contact centre management system – you create a more efficient framework of ticket resolution.

A contact centre management software not only gives your agents the ability to respond to call from within the software, but it also lets you manage agent productivity through shift rosters, reports on performances, live agent dashboards, call recordings and more.

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