Why AI Chatbot Should be a Part of Your New Support Strategy

The personification of computers to achieve human interests is nothing new. Right from R2d2 in Star Wars to the Terminator – we’ve seen extreme examples of what could be achieved with bringing systems to life with Artificial Intelligence.

A study by IBM found that chatbots had the ability to resolve 80% of standard questions

Businesses that deal with a large volume of tickets on a day-do-day-basis need to have a Customer Relationship Management software that can get a chat system up and running quickly.

But, how do you ensure that this chat system is able to recognize human language and respond with relevant information?


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Conversational UI

Conversational UI is the process of a computer conducting a conversation with a human while mimicking real-life responses to queries raised.

The building blocks of this secret sauce to support success – are speech recognition for voice bots and Natural Language Understanding or NLU for chat systems.

Ideally, your chat system needs to have a number of preloaded examples on responses to frequently asked questions to keep a seamless back and forth going when a customer begins a conversation.

How to design a chatbot that helps you mimic the actual human experience?

You have to realize that when a customer initiates a conversation with a chatbot – he has a level of intent.

He either wants to get more information about a particular offer you have or straight up wants to speak with a real agent.

The chat system needs to be flexible in its communication by having enough reference experiences through simulated conversations.

Use the tap tap approach

To truly engage a customer and help him resolve his question by engaging with a bot – it helps to begin the conversation with a tap-tap approach.

Let’s assume a company sells books online

Here the bot opens the conversation with something like

Chatbot –  Hey Sohail, How can I help you?

AI Chat System

This approach quickly puts the power in the hands of the user as he can instantly decide which direction he would like the conversation should go in.

Let’s assume the user taps – Buy a Book

The Chatbot could respond with;

Chatbot – What genre are you looking for?

The chat system should also be intelligent enough to understand the responses that request further assistance away from the two initial options that were provided.

As the customer chooses what genre he is looking for, the chatbot can either offer a link to the bestseller list or can continue drilling the customer with questions on what specific books they are in the market for.

Take a deep dive into your support requests

To prepare your chatbot’s Natural Language Understanding ability with the right answers to specific questions, you need to;

    1. Look at the types of queries you’ve been receiving over other channels.
    2. Segregate these queries based on keywords. For example, if a person was looking for the best recipes, your chatbot ought to respond with the right set of links instead of replying with an ‘ I am sorry I didn’t understand you default reply.’
    3. Once these keywords have been segregated – create templates with separate flows so that your chatbot is trained with multiple scenarios.


Sending your customers the right responses has never been easier.

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