Get the Right Workload Balance in Your Customer Support Life Through Chat Support


The work-life balance has almost become one of the most fervently contested aspects of a service center. But let’s think about something more important – ‘is the customer support rep able to find the right workload balance within their jobs?’

This question becomes especially critical for e-commerce industry where customer support can ‘make-or-break’ the buying experience for a customer.

Normally, a typical e-commerce customer support personnel is in a state of constant overwhelm due to the large volume of incoming customer inquiries. But the truth is that no one likes to be overwhelmed – including even the most dedicated customer support executive.  Having a larger than manageable workload is a frequent cause for burnout among customer service reps.

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If you divert or avoid a certain part of the call and email interactions, it’ll instantly improve workload balance of your customer service agents.  This requires you to look for alternative ways of answering your customer queries.

A multichannel chat system is a healthier alternative to both calls and emails at managing your customer interactions. It’s better equipped to manage customer inquiries, puts lesser cognitive stress and allows you to simultaneously manage multiple threads.

In turn, this means that both service reps and customers are happy and content.

Now, let’s see what’s a multichannel chat and why it’s a great practical improvement over emails and calls for managing your customer interactions.

Multichannel chat model: Open wide doors to customer interactions

Even with the interaction volume is increasing, the customer support team needs to keep access to new customer queries. For this, your support team should be available at different online-offline channels.

In this situation, you need to consider the particular channel that’s easily accessible but takes-up the least of customer service team resources.


A CRM-based multichannel chat platform satisfies both these requirements in one go. It combines the various channels of chat interactions such as website, Facebook, in-app chat and other 3rd party applications to make it an efficient way to answer your customer queries.

By combining the different channels, you can make chat support into the preferred channel of communication for your customers.

Now let’s see the different ways the multichannel chat improves the life of both customer support team and customers.

Follow the waterfall model: Resolve queries at the earliest

In the programming world, there is a famous workflow known as ‘Waterfall model’. Basically, it says that you can greatly cut back on your total workload by identifying and rectifying your customer problems at the earliest.

Similarly, the chat option allows your customers to easily get answers for your questions through the product page in your website or mobile app. By informing your customers about their orders at the earliest, you can minimize the chances of order returns and customer dissatisfaction.

In-app chat: Be available where they expect the least

For an e-commerce business, a sizable portion of the customers chooses a mobile app to manage their purchases. In order to leverage this opportunity, the e-commerce business needs to provide a smooth in-app purchase experience.

A great in-app purchase experience includes getting answers for customer queries or taking the necessary actions to resolve each customer issue.

A chat module embedded within the e-commerce mobile app allows customers to chat with the service rep about their previous order or a particular product in the website.

Kapture CRM’s in-app chat system is used by e-commerce businesses to proactively understand and resolve the customer enquiries. This in-app chat system enables e-commerce companies to resolve an important FMCG challenge – answering large volume of customer enquiries within a short time window.

Be relevant: Start having more contextual conversations

If you have an irate customer, it’s unlikely that they want to cooperate by taking time to give you their purchase details or order information. This is also true for customers just trying to clarify certain information.

Kapture’s CRM-based chat module helps you recognize each customer by matching their contact information with their profile information. This could be app ID, email, phone number or Facebook profile.

This empowers your support team to have more contextually relevant conversations with your customer. In turn, this will ease the life for both your support team and customers.

Pamper your workhorses: Give them chat support

Most customer support executives are guilty of putting calls on hold or replying a customer enquiry with a standard email template. Worse, you could even have certain enquiries fall into the cracks before they achieve a successful resolution.

At the same time, the customer also has to go through calls getting hold-up, multiple email conversations.

Needless to say, this is a source of friction between the support team and employees.

The chat system frees-up your agents from having to keep calls on hold or trying to make sense of multiple email threads. This enables your agents to seamlessly handle different interactions and efficiently resolve each issue.

Manage your score cards: Track and improve your NPS metric

As an e-commerce business, the NPS (net performance score) is one of your most important key performance indicators. This means that you need to make use of every opportunity to measure and improve your NPS score.

A multi channel chat enables you to measure and improve your customer satisfaction across the board. For example, Kapture’s chat module allows you to engage and interact with your customers. After resolving the customer query, you can ask the customer to rate the NPS for the business.


Multi channel chat support enables your support team to handle your customer requirements in a simple and easy way. It also provides your customers with a straightforward and simple way to reach-out to your business.


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