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Quick Response Is The Base In Your Customer Support Pyramid

Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

We all like our issues to be resolved while complaining to a company’s customer service agent. But, what makes us buy their products again and again? Or what makes us recommend them to our friends? We know that the quality of the product means a lot to us, but there are some additional factors always running in our head while recommending a brand.

70% of buying experience depends on how the consumers feel they are being treated. Though companies are now investing record amounts of money in customer support operations, what’s regularly missing in our experience is the spark between us and the customer support agent. This spark can help transform a sceptical customer into a committed brand follower.

Statistics given below will help you understand why customers leave a company-

Why Do customer leave a company?

Be Where Your Customers are Since its inception, social media has played an important role in how individuals interact with each other. From a business’s point of view, it contributes to how organizations interact with potential and existing customers. Social media has become a standard platform to share customer experience. Let’s check out some quick facts-

  • 84% of marketers believe that social media can enhance their existing customer relationships.
  • Online adults (Age Group: 18-34) are most likely to follow (near about 95%) a brand via social networking sites.
  • 71% of the customers, who have good social media service experience with a brand, are more likely to recommend it to others.

The graph given below will give you a better understanding of the statistics of active users for top social networking sites-

Global Monthly Active User For Top Social Platforms

Customer Expectations Regarding the Response to Live Feedback

The term ‘expectation’ can easily confuse anyone. Customers choose a brand via a number of channels – word of mouth referrals, company website, online reviews, social media involvement, printed collateral and even the appearance of your storefront. But the most important thing that companies frequently miss out is providing prompt response to feedbacks or enquiries.

Usually, customers expect a lot, when they give online feedback or talk about a brand on social media. But unfortunately, most of the companies fail to address it at the right time.

  • One out of three social media users prefer to reach out a brand on social networking sites for customer service and 63% of them expect companies to provide customer service on the social media platform.
  • As a matter of fact, 75% of social media users expect to hear a response from a customer service agent within an hour or even less.
  • 25% of customers who complain about a product or service on Facebook, expect a response from the company within one hour.
  • 53% of people, who tweet about a brand, expect a reply within one hour. That figure rises to at least 72% for those with a complaint.
  • Whereas, just 14% of customers anticipate a response will take a full day or more than 48 hours.

Customer feedback management via CRM

Exceed Customer Expectation: Stay Connected

If you want to provide a quick reaction to your customers’ live feedback, you have to connect with them anyway. You need to address each and every notification on time. So under these circumstances, a common helpdesk platform is required to access every notification and respond seamlessly. This endorses the inevitability of employing CRM software in the system.

CRM software enhances the connectivity with your customers in every aspect. It simplifies the customer operating system and ensures better and long term relationships.

It enables you to gather all customer feedback from diverse social networking sites. So, you can reply to all of them, using a single platform.

You can even identify a particular customer enquiry by its ticket number. It makes tracking the status of an enquiry or feedback hasslefree.

Ticket Management

Speed up Your Response with Mobile CRM

To explain the importance of Customer Relationship Management software, it is necessary to clarify how ‘speed factor’ effects on customer engagement. For each customer, who bothers to complain or give feedback about a brand, 26 other customers remain silent. But, what is the reason behind this silence?

  • 43% of consumers do not complain or leave feedback, because they don’t think the companies care about customer feedback.
  • Among them, 81% of consumers would be willing to give feedback, if they knew they would get a prompt response.

So, a quick response can ensure customer engagement to a large extent. If you want to organize your system of responding to live customer feedback, a mobile CRM application will be the best option for you.


This is the age of customers. Both small and large businesses are dedicated to satisfying their customers by all means. Last year it was seen that the CRM usage increased from 56% to 74% and definitely for a good reason. Prompt responses to live feedback add value to customer experience hence gives them assurance of dedicated service and excellent customer support.

If you are yet to embrace a CRM software – now is the right time to get it, with the half of your competitors already on board.

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