Customer Service with CRM

CRM For Customer Service: How To Consistently Provide Customer Happiness

Customer Service with CRM

In his killer Book ‘the Compound Effect’, Darren Hardy explained how making a series of small changes and sticking to them can significantly alter your personal fortunes. If you think of it, the same principle applies to multiple arenas of business. And most importantly, it can catapult your customer satisfaction and online profile to its highest levels.

Almost all businesses are looking to find a single monumental shortcut to improve their customer satisfaction levels. But studies have shown that there isn’t a single sweeping move that can plug all gaps in your service and elevate your customer satisfaction. Rather, one is required to follow a series of incremental steps to improve the overall quality of customer service.

The role of CRM in Customer Service is to combine all functions and responsibilities, enabling you to go through the steps of incremental improvements. CRM platform simply connects and streamlines your multiple customer service responsibilities ensuring that you don’t leave queries unattended or keep your clients waiting.

CRM software addresses and manages multiple facets of your customer interactions that could provide increased value to customers at each interaction. Consequently, this can also raise your customer satisfaction levels.

But first, you need to first understand the underlying factors that could be impacting your service quality. By understanding the multiple service factors, you could utilize CRM utilities to improve them. On due course, these also impacts your service quality in a positive way.

By handling all your service demands and responsibilities through a single platform, CRM enables you to constantly monitor and improve on these key parameters. In one sentence, having the ability to understand and improve multiple facets of client interactions will increase your customer satisfaction.

Role of CRM and Automation in at Different Customer Interactions

As we already discussed, you need to attend and improve on multiple facets of customer interactions to obtain the desired improvement. This involves adding up multiple factors of customer management.

According to studies, by focusing these six factors, you can significantly improve on your service quality and satisfaction.

  1. Invoke Quick Resolutions
  2. Providing Quality Resolution
  3. Avail Internal Collaborations
  4. Prioritizing
  5. Follow-up

Although these could be overlapping, these six factors could be considered to put independent stress of deciding on your customer satisfaction. This can also mean varying requirement for resources throughout your service team.

The following graph shows the variations in-terms of employee and time resources during the operations.


According to the graph, faster resolution requires you to spend on hiring and equipping a large service team. Meanwhile, following a particular customer query to its conclusion requires large amounts of time with each service professional.

A CRM system of customer service is geared towards handling multiple facets of your client interactions. By availing all available resources and incoming queries on a single platform, you can automate or derive the most productive means to resolve each query.

Even with available utilities, having the right procedural oversight can significantly improve your process flow. Now let’s analyze the different processes and its implications for different ongoing applications.

Ability to collect and String Issues together

Getting to deliver right customer resolutions is interminably related to acquiring those queries faster. The Service CRM system streamlines and collects all resolutions to a single dashboard.

This system also provides a unified way of managing and acquiring each response within a single dashboard. You can also keep-up with a single thread for each customer to prevent issues from slipping through the fingers. All these enable you to single-handedly focus on resolving right queries with optimal resources.

CRM system of issue management lets you accurately follow each query along its particular process pipeline. This also allows you to add specific interjections and insights to your process management.

Isolating and prioritize Severe Issues

It is common business knowledge that a couple of bad stinging reviews could turn out to be actually more damaging than anything else. An easy way to prevent catastrophe in customer relations is to isolate and attend to severe customer issues. CRM lets you handle all the diverse issues through a single dashboard.

CRM-based automated query management and ticket assignment allows you to assign each query to the concerned department. This system also lets you prioritize or assign each particular query to a service executive.

An attending manager can mark and assign issues for immediate attention through ticket management system. This ensures that all issues are attended on time and due-course of action.

Smarter Knowledge and Employee Resource management

After receiving customer queries, your team should be able to resolve each query through combining and attending to each particular assumption.

As a unifying platform, CRM creates an easy way of managing all your resources. By consolidating all queries to a single database, the concerned manager can oversee and take decisions on query resolution paths.

For example, the particular could be issued by service team, needs to follow a checklist or requires a ticket to be issued to a concerned arm of the organizational vertical. This enables you to create resourceful responses to each particular query.


Rarely, do businesses are able to provide amicable resolutions in the first instance. Most of the times, you will be trying to manage customers on the go with available resources. CRM system of customer service lets you scale your available resources and make the best use of your time.

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