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Better Customer Service Software For Easy Contact Management

Customer Service Software For Easy Contact Management

Anyone who runs a company has to manage a pile of contacts. These are not only the contacts of team members and business associates but also the contacts of clients, vendors and sub-contractors. Among them, the most difficult thing is to manage customer contact details.

Suppose you are a customer service executive. One day at the office, a client calls and asks you to find out the status of his complaint. He gives you the complaint number. But is it possible for you to find out the context of the call within 5 seconds? Where could you find the gist of the last interaction with the same customer? Then, how do you catch up with the conversation?

This is a common problem faced by every customer service executive. They handle thousands of calls on a regular basis. So, it is quite difficult to manage the customer contact details, along with accurate information. This can be solved only by adopting a suitable customer service platform for your business.

Record and Monitor Your Customer Contact Details

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Customer Relationship Management system is a powerful tool to get your business organized. 65% of businesses adopt CRM software within their first 5 years.

Why do some small companies take off, while others languish or die? What makes the difference?

According to 63% of executives, silos within the company make the customer data inaccessible. The lack of an integrated contact management system devalues your customer service.

74% of CRM users said it offers improved access to customer data. It enables you to find out all the necessary information that is needed to catch up and take forward an ongoing conversation.

Since customer satisfaction is a major factor behind sales productivity, 53% of promising businesses are investing in CRM.

Customer Service Software For Contact Management

Act on Customer Preferences

Undoubtedly business organizations should place customer care as one of the topmost priorities. A customer’s need should always be kept on record and shared within the organization.

Customers not only want personalized interactions, but they expect organizations to know their preferences and requirements. Customer satisfaction is largely tied with companies which offer tailored communications based on what they want. Let’s see some vital statistics regarding the customer experience.

  • 60% of customers have higher expectations from customer service in 2017 than they did just one year ago.
  • 47% consumers say that a prompt response to enquiry or complaint is the basic element of ideal customer experience.
  • 62% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a brand or company, due to poor customer service experience.

client contact management softwareBesides, the time preferences of the client’s need to be taken into account, as well as their chosen channel of communication. Customers expect that they are contacted at the time that best suits them. Also, each person has individual choices regarding the channel of communication.

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Measurably improve Customer Service

With CRM service, you can incorporate a lot of data and information to each contact. You can also get personal and professional information of the client, along with the update of last communication.

It helps you to understand the context of the call, so you don’t have to ask for the complaint summary again and again. Besides, unnecessary repetition of the same questions results in customer disappointment.

With CRM software you can raise tickets for each complaint or enquiry. That ticket number will help you track the status of the escalation.

You likely have an extensive contact list, including vendors and clients. You want to store each one in the right order and in a separate cloud folder. A Customer Relationship Management system will let you create headers and then classify each of your contacts. So, you can easily find the details, navigate and access the files seamlessly.

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Find the Right CRM Software for Your Business

Equipped with all useful features, Kapture CRM makes your contact management easier than ever. It enables you to improve the level of customer engagement. Also, it helps to recognize gaps that the organization could fill and cross-sell new service or product. This improves basic understanding among the customers and sales executives. Hence, it helps businesses provide a much more stable and affirmative customer experience.

In today’s extremely competitive economy, effective CRM is essential for businesses.

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