Old-school marketing practices

Old-School Marketing Practices Made Obsolete by CRM Software

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When you have a radically new approach or software, it could significantly change the existing practices. Marketing automation combines a significantly new approach and software automation to create a new way of managing prospects.
Having a CRM marketing automation means that your marketing efforts are as efficient as one among the top 5% of business and enterprises. It also means that you have a tight and concurrent marketing strategy.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C enterprise, having a tight and concurrent marketing strategy is critical for success in current business eco-system.

These are Four old-school practices made obsolete by marketing automation.

1) Prospective Cold-Calling

Before the onset of marketing automation, a sales professional picked up a number from the phone book or random incoming lead to make a concentrated effort. This situation has been practically upturned to create the right cold-calling strategy.

With marketing automation software, you can tag each lead as hot, warm or cold. This enables you to initiate each call from a point of interest at the side of prospect. You were also able to handle each lead on a priority basis, efficiently assigning each lead to a concerned service professional.

2) Excel-based Lead Management

Previously, all leads were managed through an independent and separate excel sheet. A typical service executive could easily run up-to an excel column with thousands of leads. Also, one had to keep an eye on both telephone and online interface to ensure that no leads go unattended.

With Excel-based lead management, you can significantly cut back on your lead response time and consistently produce efficient responses. This removes the effects of stagnation and lengthy funnel associated with every lead.

3) Calculating Campaign ROI

Due to the lack of more transparent campaign tracking metrics, all leads on a given time period were usually attributed to a particular campaign. These could be successful campaigns or campaign run on particular dates.
With CRM campaign tracking, businesses are able to track leads more effectively. For example, businesses can tag the location and telephone number to each campaign. This data can be utilized to make accurate ROI attributions in future.

4) Having Lead Response Time window

Before call integration and lead evaluation, website forms came with an already mentioned lead response time. Some websites even had a time response window of an hour, which was upheld as a factor for better service quality.
With the marketing automation feature, businesses can take-down their lead response time to a few minutes. Consequently, rapid response time to customer queries was practically made into an industry standard.
These are a few marketing practices that have been eradicated by marketing CRM software.

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