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Under the loosing significance of freelance work portals, all organizations are looking to create customized project management CRM platforms.

Last week, the leading freelancing portal Up work increased their rate cuts by 20%. In the coming days, multiple competitor/parallel websites are likely to follow a path of increased rate cuts.

When considering the already questionably low rates in these portals, further rate cuts will challenge them as sustainable employment resource. This will further make it harder to find employable workforce through these freelancing portals.

Now, add the rotating work flow and inconsistent quality to the mix.This creates the sufficient reasons to move away from the old school freelance portals.

Here, we analyze the benefits of a CM-based custom Project Management Platform.

Integrating work flow and Payment Streamlining

Resolving one of the most frequent complaints, a custom project management is providing remuneration consistent with work output. Most of the times, total work isn’t consistent with the output work.

When you are handling large volume of work, one of frequent challenge is managing multiple works and instant payment collection. It also involves integrating multiple payment channels to a common interface.

With Kapture CRM project management software, you can divide the total work into smaller chunks of tasks. You can also integrate mobile payments into the system to avoid daily hassle. Having a totally integrated work flow means that individual remuneration reflects the respective work completed as per the process.

Work Review and Billing Practice

An integrated project management lets you review progress of each part of the work. This helps you integrate complete billing and invoicing practices to your business.

CRM-integration helps you release payments based on intricate detail sand payments approval for each packages. You can also set-up custom billing practices, which lets you directly calculate the included work details before releasing the payment.

At-hand Project Management

In a Freelance portal model, you were required to handle each request through an integrated messaging system or app. A CRM system gives you a much more evolved strategy to manage direct mobile and desktop notifications.

You can manage each query with a quick personalized response, that needn’t be tethered to an existing system. You can manage multiple processes and projects, each complete with its own specific assumptions and project details.

Project Evaluation and maintenance

Until quite recently, your work evaluation was limited to the dexterity of an excel sheet. Consequently, this made your entire project rigid along with set project milestones and pipelines.

With a CRM-based project evaluation, you can make your system much more flexible, which is more consistent with the reality of freelancing environment. You can easily view unfinished work at each juncture of the process, which could be later re-arranged to meet a project evaluation deadline fixed for a later date.

Kapture CRM customized work flow management system is capable of being integrated to different process interfaces.

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