Live Chat and Social Media are Favorite Customer Contact Channel

Customer Contact Medium

Man is a social animal. People interact with each other in many different ways, such as languages, signs and actions. We make contact with people living far away from us and communicate without any issues. Contact information may be stored in the form of addresses, phone numbers and/or e-mail id. For a business, having as many contacts as possible can help modify the ongoing business trend towards a better trajectory. Customers are very important to run a business, so it is the business agents’ role to drive customer interest towards their products and services.

Making contact with as many customers as possible is the best idea for business growth. But, how to contact them? Randomly addressing a mass audience to get their contact doesn’t make any sense. So, marketing is necessary to invite customers into your business process. Effective marketing gives more leads, and customer contact is received at this lead stage.

A CRM software joins the party by providing numerous Customer Relationship Management tools, which includes customer profiling. In customer profiling, every detail of a customer is stored and updated automatically. The CRM software can be integrated with any of the social media platforms and can also be used on smartphones for quick business workouts.
The two important features that are widely used as the favourite customer contact mediums are:

Live Chat:

Live chat is the fastest and most effective medium of communication. It is carried out through computers via the internet protocol. Nowadays, this facility is available even on mobile phones. For a business, this facility is very useful to plan for a better future. Phone calls and messages may not be that effective to make a customer move further in the process of making the purchase or accessing the service, for that matter. Being formal all the time may make a customer feel less interested in the product or service on offer.

Live chats make conversations with the customers more interesting and effective. They can be of two types – text conversations or video conversations. Both types of conversations can take place on PCs and Smartphones, although video conversation is widely regarded to be much more effective than text chatting. This can help in motivating the customers to buy the product. Live text chat can help to improve overall communication with the customers. Video chat also gives confidence in handling the customers and even delegates effectively. It is the best platform to exhibit the values of a product.

Social Media:

The most widely used digital means of communication are social media networking sites. We may not find people within our neighbourhood but we can find them through social media. Society and communication have reached a higher level of interconnectivity with the help of social media.

Keeping this in mind, business entrepreneurs have stepped into social media platforms to enhance their business reach. The CRM software can be integrated with social media for major benefits to the business and for a better understanding of the customers. Connecting with customers on social media can help to know them better, get personal details like occupation and income, and even allow for better customer relationships, by maybe surprising them on birthdays and anniversaries. Social media is also a platform for online marketing techniques. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter connect with a large number of customers where business can spread like ink in water. This contact technique provides a long-term customer relationship with the organization.

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