CRM Centric Integrated Approaches

CRM For Customer Acquisition – 5 Ways To Attract And Keep Your Customer

CRM Centric Integrated Approaches

Are you still holding on to old-school advertising to lure customers? Do you think you can survive the modern day competition or steer any attention with it? CRM-centric integrated approach works like a pied piper for the customers of an organisation.

CRM integration is all about allowing your company’s website and CRM to function together seamlessly. Instead of using CRM simply as a database of the customer information, this integration encourages the CRM to automatically capture valuable customer lead data using the information obtained from your website. As the leads come in, the customer profiling CRM helps in streamlining it.

The lead information including name, company details, e-mail and phone numbers are fields that will be populated from your website into the CRM database. In most cases, the information can be traced back to when the lead visited the website, pointing to how old or new the lead is; what information was sought and where else they had visited, to understand the motive and choice of the customer; keep track of the average time taken by the agents to respond to any issue, to ensure that the response rate is quick – all this and more from a single CRM platform.

CRM can help you be better prepared, delegate tasks more easily, monitor company performance and also spot customer trends as they happen. Your website is the face of your company, imploring the audience to view information, comment on it, download it, and ask for additional resources. Utilizing CRM integration to capture their requests is an ideal solution, as more and more customers search online options to engage with the company.

The top five CRM-centric trends to attract and keep your customers are:

1. Posting relevant content on the website

Posting content is one of the more popular marketing strategies that is used on business websites. However, not all websites provide relevant content and most of them fail to meet the standards set by a search engine. Customers would be lured to visit the website if the content is relevant and interesting. It is not enough to create micro-sites and shareable content in highlighting products, as it is also essential to post content according to the different buying stages. It is a well-known and time-tested fact that content is more effective in luring leads as compared to any traditional marketing campaign.

2. Engaging the customers on social networking sites

CRM works best when integrated with social media platforms. Lately, a major part of the population has become tech-savvy and actively engages on social networking sites. This is the reason why most companies have decided to use these social networking sites as a marketing platform. The good thing is that CRM will not only help in improving customer relationship but also in search engine optimization.

3. Focusing on customer experience

Customers nowadays are more cautious as they have plenty of choices. It is obviously a customer’s market, which makes it more important to focus on customer experience management by developing infrastructure for smart communication. Reaching out to the customers should be beyond transactional interaction. The organization should practice customer experience management with CRM integration so that a better relationship would not only keep the existing customer but also attract new ones through referrals.

4. Effective interaction paves the way for success

A great service is a good lure for new customers. To provide effective customer service, the company should interact and engage with their customers. CRM integration allows the business owners to have a chance to interact with their valuable customers through social media and also gives a fair idea on how to create a positive online image. This management strategy helps in learning customer trends and habits, facilitating better services leading to a more personal and customized sales approach. Good services will make a satisfied loyal customer who lays the foundation for new customers.

5. Integrating CRM in

To attract potential customers, marketers should learn to integrate CRM into their marketing strategy for reaching a wider customer base. Building better relationships with the customers should be given proper attention because ignoring them will never work. Obviously, merging the management strategy with social media is the best-known method to interact with and attract customers. Moreover, CRM is also a great help to a salesperson for obtaining prospective leads.

The system also provides all the information on the fingertips, which helps a sales person to interact well. There are instances when the customers will have a lot of queries. If the salesperson is able to address their doubts, it is likely that the customer will be convinced to purchase the product or service. Once the customer is satisfied, it will ensure that the good reputation of the business will continue to grow.

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