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CRM for local business – Help your local shopkeeper build lasting customer relationships

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With the steady rise of consumerism, an increasing number of organizations are modifying their approach, making their business more customer-friendly. It’s now common knowledge that product or service quality alone cannot be the sole engine driving your business forward. Companies are now diving deeper into the realm of customer service to gain an extra edge over their competitors. However, organizations that adopt a more global approach to handling business can end up alienating current customers, which is counter-productive. To appeal to the customer base on a more personal level, it’s time to take a few pointers from our local retail stores and apply it with the help of the perfect customer service CRM software available.

The age of customer service is out. It’s time to build lasting customer relationships management. Kapture CRM brings multiple tools and features to the table to help you apply personalized relationship mantras and build lasting connections with your clients.

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Shopping at the Local, Small Businesses – It’s more than just shopping

Let’s talk about what happens when you visit your local retail store. You’re greeted warmly, often by your first name, by the shopkeeper. Compared to the polite, yet mechanical “How may I help you”s of bigger departmental stores or the scripted responses of customer service executives over the phone, this brings a smile to the customer’s face. This is an individual who knows you, understands your requirements, and is genuinely interested in extending a helping hand. They know what brands you prefer, they have an understanding of your budget, and they also have an inkling of anything new that might interest you. All this knowledge has been garnered over years of doing business with you and your family.

Amazon and the “Apni Dukaan” Campaign


When Amazon launched its “Apni Dukaan” campaign, the goal was to draw customer attention to the features like access to genuine products, an easy returns policy, and a quick delivery system. According to a spokesperson from Amazon, “In daily parlance, customers generally use ‘Apni Dukaan’ in reference to those stores that they are more familiar with and have complete trust in. We want to make people aware that is one such store.” There is an infallible trust that customers associate with the local retail stores. Amazon attempted to capitalize on that trust and was successful in their endeavor.

Learning Customer Service from Local Shopkeepers

So what customer support service management skills can we learn from our local retail stores? Let’s take a look.

Making a connection

Local shopkeepers have the advantage of being the ones to control the tone of customer service of their store. They are the retailers as well as the customer service agents. This allows for more connection between them and the customer. If they are dissatisfied with something, they can rely on that personal connection that they share with the shopkeeper to sort it out.

Executives can push the limits of customer service by establishing a personal connection with the customer with the help of Kapture CRM’s holistic database. Your executives can go beyond the script and address prospective and existing clients on a more personal level, by actually lending a concerned ear and taking steps beyond their assigned responsibilities.

Taking a personal interest

Shopping at the local stores is not just a retail experience. It’s about so much more than just checking off the items from a shopping list and heading out. Customers and shopkeepers interact with each other on varied topics of interest that are sometimes even personal in nature. This helps establish a friendship between the two that benefits both, instead of a purely commercial relationship. The customer knows that they can trust the shopkeeper’s recommendations about products and services, and the shopkeeper can count on the customer’s loyalty.

Kapture CRM’s 360 degree ticket management system helps service agents add a personal touch to their communication with the customer by developing an overall thread of customer history, along with assigning the sales or service representative to handle those interactions. Most customers want to talk about their problems, and maintaining a healthy curiosity can help customer service agents to hone their listening skills and establish a personal bond with the individual.

Remembering customer preferences

Because of their localized pool of customers, small shopkeepers can remember most of their customer’s purchase patterns and brand preferences. This cements the customer’s positive opinion of the store and the shopkeeper. The customer feels valued and it reaffirms their loyalty.

A similar feat can be achieved with the help of Kapture CRM’s customer profiling system that can pull in customer data from different sources within the organization and present a complete and holistic view of the customer and their purchase history and buying patterns.


The level of involvement between a small and local store owner and their customers ensures a sense of ease between them. The shopkeeper can actually give their honest opinion about certain products, whether good or bad. It sends a positive message to the customer that the shopkeeper values their user experience more than selling the product and making a profit.

Again, Kapture CRM’s customer profiling database comes handy in predicting their future buying patterns, expectations and requirements. It is also a comprehensive customer contact platform that serves as the point of contact with customers from multiple angles. Your customer service management team can then analyze the previous transactions and predict any recommendations that might interest them in the future.

Personal Treatment

According to multiple surveys,consumers prefer small businesses because of their customer focus and personalized attention. In fact, in a study conducted by and Toluna, 84% of US customers said that they prefer small businesses because of the personalized and intimate experiences they provide.

With Kapture CRM, you can establish timely communication streams in order to differentiate and segment customers based on relevant user data. Applying these customer management tools allows your team to tweak and tailor the mode of communication as well as the message that will reach each prospective or existing customer.

Regular customer engagement is at the core of establishing lasting customer relationships that eventually leads to customer retention. Trying to translate the customer’s need for a human connection when interacting with an organization’s CRM system can be challenging.  The trick is to understand that instead of letting technology rob us of the human connection, it can be manipulated into creating more personalized and productive interactions.


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