CRM Lead Generation Software

How CRM software aligns your Sales and Marketing to its Core ?

At its basic function, key role of marketing and sales is to co-ordinate to acquire new customers and keep existing ones.

For any business to actualize its true potential, sales and marketing departments needs to find its sense of collaboration and waltz; Your business could continually face communication lapses between your marketing and your sales departments. It eventually turns into a blame game, which finally leads to business bearing the brunt.

A major factor that drives your business is the leads, which your marketing team are able to generate. The more leads you have, the more business you will be able to generate. Even after getting lot of leads, if you are not able to generate enough business, then it is because of the communication gap, between the sales and the marketing team.

You need a platform where your sales and marketing team are able to view the real time leads, so that they are on the same page and work together towards creating a successful business.

So what you need is CRM software which manages your leads, and allocates it to your sales team. You have your marketing and sales team on the same page, and you can even track the stage of each and every individual lead.

Let’s see how the CRM software integrates the Marketing and Sales.

CRM Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation:

The CRM software has a feature called API Integration which leads to the lead integration of all the major websites. It also integrates the leads from your business website.

The CRM software also tracks your marketing campaign across multiple platforms. You can track the leads across all the platforms, from online, to newspaper advertising to outdoor advertising.

The major positive feature of it is that you can see the number of leads each plat form is generating, and you will understand which campaign is working better, from the number of leads. Your marketing team will get detailed results on their campaigns, which help you in the future.

Calculating end-business Value:

While counting number of leads or adding up meetings, you can often lose track of its actual value. The leads which are generated can be viewed on a real time basis.

You can view the leads and allocate it in different ways. You can allocate particular lead to a person or particular area to a person. You can even allocate all the leads generated from a particular source to a person.

There are many types of allocation that you can do, and it can be customized according to your need.

As you can view stage of each and every lead, you can also check it’s conversion. You can track the conversion of a particular sales person. You don’t need to go individually and ask for the person’s report. You can just check their conversion rate and look at his performance. You can also check the conversion of leads from a particular source. It helps you to strategist better in the future, because you know which source gives you the maximum leads and the maximum conversion.

So Kapture CRM aligns your sales and marketing to its core and helps you in every stage of your business. CRM is the tool which you should invest in, in order to take your business to the next level.

With, one could eventually streamline marketing and sales departments with maximum proficiency.

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