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CRM reports and analytics helps you align multiple project milestones


They say evolution is inevitable and with respect to technology and science, we could very well heave a sigh of relief with the constantly evolving and ever expanding technology, on the digital front. Every tedious process in the business management books can now be tackled with simpler and better functioning digital platforms and management software.

Customer Relationship Management software is a simpler and more efficient solution for every business. Right from lead generation on different platforms to task management and from evaluating assigned task to checking business outcomes, the CRM is here to help your business achieve its goals without any hindrance.

Project Milestones- Create and achieve them efficiently

Every project in a business needs to be structured and monitored for best results. For this purpose, businesses can often shorten their ideal goal or vision into smaller milestones and then consistently track them for improvements. In simple words, these are known as Project Milestones.

In the CRM, there are facilities which allow you to keep track of your project updates and manage their growth reports accordingly. So if you have allocated clients to different employees, then you can simply generate daily or weekly reports and have an overview of the progress of your clients, in just one place.

With the help of the daily tasks that are set up in the CRM, and allotted to employees, reports can be requested on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

CRM reports and Analytics- Prioritize them!

Imagine having all the various activities you have for the day, scattered on ten different platforms. This might make allocation of time, for the tasks and activity completion, a complete nightmare to analyze now, wouldn’t it? This is where reports and analytics feature of the CRM come into picture.

Simple reports and analytics, for various projects or clients, might just be what your business needs, in order to show the progressive activities and successful campaigns.

1. Dashboard

– This compiles all your reports and current analytics of the project and lets you visualize the patterns, trends and comparison in the sales and marketing data.Be it in the marketing, sales, customer support or inventory managing department, a thorough reporting and analysis always helps keep a good tab on business activities.

2. Real time activity

– With the help of real time activity, it is relatively easy to check the project status and progress of the sales team, on field. This helps tremendously in keeping a tab of how the milestones are being met in the present moment itself, as you need not wait for an end-of-the-day sales update anymore.

3. Multi-platform

– Reports and analysis of various clients can now be created on the go as well. The CRM is fairly convenient software, which allows you to analyze data on a PC, laptop screens or even on your smart phones.

Once you know what has been beneficial for your business projects, you will know how to strategist and allocate tasks the next time! With regularly updated reports and customized analytics for your clients, you can now ensure that your projects are on the right track and en route in achieving milestones! Make the best of all your situations and strategist to reach your goals and achieve the ‘business vision’.

With frequent analytics and report study, your milestones are nearer then they appear !

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