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Personalized Journey for Different Customers

Give your customers a more personalized and native experience with Kapture’s Sales CRM. View all deal details, status of each lead, create a custom workflow, and map customer journey from a unified dashboard.

Sell From Multiple Sources

Selling is not meant through calling. Manage your sales across multiple channels with multichannel sales and never miss out on any opportunity. Track leads from website, call, chat, email, social, and get every lead into one single dashboard and define lead status for each prospect (Hot, Warm, and Cold). Engage with your potential leads from their preferred channel at the right time and shorten your sales cycle.

Map All the Sources with Each Lead

Get to know where are your most potential leads are coming from. Define primary sources, secondary sources and tertiary source and take informed sales decisions accordingly with in-depth mapping with customer 360 view.

Informed Business Decisions with Sales Forecasting

Track your potential deals, closed vs. estimated deals, real-time updates of your each lead, in-depth data of revenue generated (Weekly, Quarterly, and Yearly revenue comparison) and make smart business decisions with Kapture’s Sales Forecasting tool.

Potential Lead Mapping

Easily check in from your Kapture Mobile app and see prospects right on your mobile screen. Locate nearby prospects, schedule meetings, and close faster. Check the distance and route just by enabiling your location.

AI Lead Scoring

Identify your most potential leads with Kapture’s AI Lead Scoring tool. Segregate leads based on their profiles, lead score, and lead type and increase the chance of closing more deals faster. Save more time by directly following up with the leads which require your attention with complete lead segregation.

Rethink Your Sales Funnel

The sales funnel gives a visual representation for the upcoming sales deal closures. By analyzing the lead segregation along the sales funnel, you can learn about the leads ready for immediate closures, upcoming negotiations and possible closures in the future.
The sales Funnel analysis enables you to predict the probable revenue turnover in an upcoming time period. View hot leads, coming opportunities, proposals, and new deals all in your sales funnel.

CRM Solution for Small Business

Access Information On-the-Go

View and update real-time information about new orders and sales progress on Kapture CRM’s mobile app. The cloud database enables the ground team to access catalogs, brochures, and relevant customer information from anywhere, anytime.

CRM System for Small Business

On-field Order-taking

Now start managing all order requisites from a single online sales CRM dashboard! Also, start updating the necessary customer information through individual profiles from the customer location.

CRM Tools for Small Business

Real-time Reporting

Sharpen your sales proficiency by receiving updated sales reports right on your mobile app. These reports include Daily sales reports, target vs achievement reports and other reports based on present performance values.

Best CRM for Small Business

Team Collaboration

Easily collaborate and communicate with your entire team with Kapture’s mobile app. Ensure that your entire internal team verticals remain accessible and collaborative. The mobile CRM app ensures easy team participation and productive work collaboration.

Kapture Sales CRM is the best solution to manage a large volume of leads that require a custom sales funnel management software to qualify and nurture prospects from lead generated, all the way to a deal closed. The CRM software for Sales Management has an omnichannel lead inbox that can collect leads from all your online channels giving your sales team the ability to quickly begin the process of prospecting by contacting leads from a unified dashboard.
The Auto Lead allocation feature allows the sales CRM platform to notify your team as soon as a new lead arrives. The lead management tools can be used to tag incoming leads as hot, warm or cold helping you optimize prospecting. You can even mark the lead status of these prospects to set up targeted follow ups with potential buyers.
Managing an on-field sales team that consistently relies on Face to Face meetings to close clients can benefit from an automated sales management software that brings a level of accountability and productivity to their operations. The Location tracker feature helps sales heads track their team members in real time with the help of the mobile CRM helping them achieve their meeting quotas.