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Five Pre-Sales Processes That You Can Instantly Automate With CRM

Pre-Sales Automation Process

Nothing could be as understated but critically important as various Pre-sales management processes. Usually, the pre-sales activities are considered a normal but not the deciding part of the sales outcome. As a result, they are handled much less diligently and adeptly than other sales activities.

But research organizations such as, has repeatedly stressed on the significance of quality pre-sales processes at determining the final sales outcome. It can also dramatically increase the relative conversion with respect to incoming enquiries.

Why Pre-sales Activities are Significant Stepping Stones?

One of the immediate ways to achieve a better sales outcome is by focusing on different pre sales activities. It helps you derive a definitely actionable process that eliminates inefficiencies and improves the outcome.

At the same time, you cannot afford to manage every incoming lead with nitty-gritty attention as only the 20% of total acquired leads are considered to be prospects. In other words, you need to have a definite strategy to define and categorize the incoming prospects.

Handling all your sales activities through a sales CRM platform can help you achieve this objective.

It also helps you accelerate the sales cycle as well as achieve higher numbers. You can also manage each prospect through a well defined process chain.

Lead Retrieval and Processing

Ideally, your marketing operations should have an ROI of 3:1. This requires you to take maximum leverage from every incoming lead. You can also retrieve past leads to suit current operations through lead retrieval process.

Lead Retrieval is the process of retrieving prospects that previously had lost interest into definitely actionable sales prospects.

These prospects might have slipped out of attention or moved onto to parallel businesses. This requires you to refresh and communicate with all the older prospects. You may also be required to manage more in-depth conversations with your prospects.

The CRM platform lets you manage all the leads through a single cloud based platform. This allows you to string together different marketing strategy to approach and convert these doubtful prospects.

Lead Filtering and Segmentation

As surprising it is, a higher undetermined lead volume can lower your sales output. In this situation, lead filtering begins to play a significant part. This is especially true for large investment portfolio businesses.

The Cloud-Based CRM platform can streamline all incoming leads through a single dashboard. This helps you manage and segregate each lead according to its priority. This process can also proportionally increase your conversion rate.

Managing Customer Information

This is another significant pre-sales activity that could be made simpler by a CRM platform. Most experienced sales professionals are known to memorize large chunks of customer-related data that could be useful.

With the CRM platform, all this information could be stored and retrieved through a 3rd party platform. In this way, you can learn to be both detailed and efficient in managing your customer information.

Following a CRM-based data management also gives you more information as you shift gear from lead management to pro active sales negotiation.

Formulate an organized Lengthy Sales Funnel

As mentioned earlier, you should be able to handle a larger number of initial leads. As the next step, you should filter and position them along the different stages of lead processing. The process of prospect positioning is known as sales funnel.

By strategizing and formulating a sales funnel, you can manage each pre-conversation stages to add-up to final conversion. It helps you manage a series of transactions that can result in a final conversion.


With relative exaggeration, pre-sales processes could be considered the background preparation that comes out as higher sales performance. It spans-out from initial lead reception to final sales conversion.

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