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Seven Reasons why Sales Teams Resist and Refuse Sales CRM implementation

Sales CRM Software

Most businesses are not too enthusiastic about automating their sales activities.

Even the most innovative organizations continue to be overcautious, like an antelope waiting to cross the river. Often the answer comes down to the resistance from the concerned sales teams.

Usually, the sales professionals are not so happy about changing their long-established sales pipeline processes. You cannot expect a series of process that worked in the past to be excluded for a brand new technology platform.

In these seven major argume sales CRM, we could see this way of persistence with the current ways. It also gives you the essential tools for utilizing the technology to handle present sales responsibilities.

Automation Kills Creativity

Most sales professionals will be carrying around some stories about their creative instincts resulting in a deal closure. And there could be some cases, where individual versatility results in better outcome.

But this can also have sales people following empty leads and end up wasting their time.

Both study and experience have shown that creativity works best under restrictions. The creative juices best flow under specific channeling and restrictions, such as provided by a closed CRM platform.

Automation should be considered a means of filtering your prospects according to their probability of conversion. It lets you manage your prospects with a streamlined conversion process.

  1. Manual Sales Cycles are more efficient

Most organizations follow specific sales cycle to maintain their revenue inflow. Having to lengthen this sales cycle will significantly affect the margins. The sales CRM can also be a way to mitigate risks and responsibilities.

The Sales CRM platform enables you to simultaneously maintain multiple independent sales cycles. You can also directly and easily add or remove any number of prospects. This helps you manage the sales cycles efficiently.

  1. Doesn’t get Sales Enablement tools

Most old-school Sales executives don’t get the concept of sales enablement. In the olden days, the sales process begun with cold calling and ended with direct customer visits.

Today’s busy schedule means that either the sales professional or clients can afford to have uneventful sales meetings. The aggregated business competition also requires you to have effective communication and better sales enablement. With Kapture best sales management software, you can communicate with primary prospects through mass E-mail and SMS messaging. Later, you can manage prospects on an individual basis.

This doesn’t get the usual support of multiple sales enablement tools. As a result, your collective sales output seems to be skewed and partial.

  1. Brings Integrated Final Accountability and transparency

Some sales professionals provide skewed reports to the concerned sales teams. And at least under certain circumstances, the sales deals are achieved through negotiations going above and under the table. More often, these could be kept under the wraps from management to grave end results. Sales CRM brings the complete accountability of all ongoing activities through a single platform.

This allows you to have a direct and precise monitoring facility.

  1. Manages Close Communication with sales team

Under the usual circumstances, on-field sales team rarely follows an outlined communication with the other outbound sales teams. This usually leads to increased loss of opportunities as less than the required number of meetings are attended to.

  1. Forecasts and predicts Upcoming sales

As sales happen to be indeterminable to the last second, it’s usual to have sales deals falling apart in the last second. It leaves you with the responsibility to manage independent deals.

Under Mobile CRM platform, you will be able to view all upcoming deals and sales negotiations. You can also superimpose live output with past performances to derive future results. This helps you make accurate predictions about upcoming sales deals.

  1. Brings Definite Structure to Sales Flow Process

Sales professionals usually try to present deal closure as an indefinite art. Even as there may be ring of some truth to it, the essential process can be boiled down to a series of activities such as initial client meeting, first stage negotiation, ongoing negotiations etc. This brings a definite flow to the processes.

For this, a 3rd party sales CRM platform lets you have a definite and structured flow to your lead processing.


Any new technology or methodology has the potential to instigate serious disagreements within the team. In this situation, it’s important to establish a series of process that can accumulate into a final transaction.

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