Customer service is not expensive. Losing customers is.

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Some investments in life can prove to be a blessing. On the other hand, some crucial investments that you ignore or don’t value can be a disaster. That’s the case with customer service. You just can’t go wrong with this one if you are dreaming to go big!

Let’s find out why:

Acquiring customers is costlier than retaining them

A lot of time and effort goes into convincing a new customer to buy your product or service. That’s mostly because they’ve been currently opting for your competitor-brand from a long time, who had managed to gain their confidence. Breaking this trustworthy bond and enticing a new customer to opt your brand is no child’s play.

Loyal customers contribute to most of your business’s revenue

There is a reason why some customers are loyal towards your brand. It is because of the trust you’ve managed to gain on them, over the years. Having a strong base of loyal customers’ means you will be invariably doing good business. Choosing the right customer service software becomes even more important to grow this base and help serve them better.

Repeat customers spend more than new ones

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Every time a client comes back to you to buy your service or product, he/she is a bit more confident and even more impressed by you. Confidence plays a vital psychological role and is a catalyst for triggering a new sale. New customers on the other hand are a bit unclear and would spend less.

Referrals work better with repeat customers

People who talk good about your brand or recommend it to their network of friends are the ones who are your loyal base of customers. With the digital boom, you can only imagine how well your brand is going to get noticed by a new set of the audience if this loyal fan base starts talking about you, all out!

Up-selling and cross-selling drives more business

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If your brand or company is into multiple services, selling them to a new set of the audience would be much more difficult than pitching it to existing ones. Taking time out to strategist and invest in the most appropriate Customer service platform with a powerful query resolution software can help close queries and complaints quickly, keeping them happy always.

Customers spend more with companies who offer good customer service

Companies who fail to understand the importance of keeping customers happy have faced the consequences. Knowing how customers behave in his modern day and age is of utmost importance. Giving them easy access to resolve their complaints, allocating queries intelligently and closing them on time is all possible with KAPTURE CRM, the best cloud-based customer service platform, which can be easily customized based on your business requirements.

Better customer experience means bigger profits and bad service is a big turn off!

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Making life of your customers super-easy should be your ultimate goal. Offering a memorable experience of your interaction with them will make them come back to you for more. KAPTURE CRM comes with a customer self-service platform which allows them to make personal accounts through which they can check anything from status of pending requests to history of last transactions or conversations.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect CRM platform for customer service, then do not compromise. KAPTURE CRM  will help to keep your customers as well as business happy.

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