Why my small business needs customer service software


Love ice-creams? Even if you don’t, imagine that you do, and assume that you enter an ice-cream shop. The AC does not work; you go up to the guy who lets you taste some flavors and ask him about a few choices you’ve made. He answers back with 3-word sentences. You will definitely have your ice-cream and go since we’ve asked you to imagine that you love it.

Now consider that you enter another ice-cream shop another day. This time though, the AC is great, there are special seating arrangement and peppy music to enjoy your scoop and the guy at the counter answers all your questions attentively with a smile on his face along with detailed information about each flavor. This shop has impressed you. What’s the end result? The next time, you will definitely opt to come back here again.

Customer experience is everything

The bottom line of this entire mind game was to make you realize the importance of keeping customers happy. Every business starts small. But if you are dreaming big, you can’t help but follow the right-hand thumb rule of “Happy Customers means Happy business”

Here’s what the biggies say!

Customer experience the next battle ground- Get Kapture CRM

Jeff Bezos' take on Kapture CRM

The challenge

Today when the world is taken over by the digital boom, you can’t just sit there and hope for some magic to happen. With ‘n’ number of touch points for customers to get back to you, handling their queries and complaints can become next to impossible. And if you decide to not allow easy access, you are only hitting the hammer on your head. Even if you manage to take a note of all these queries, managing them with outdated manual techniques leads to delays in query resolution, making customers go mad at you.

Need for customer service software

Automating the entire customer service process looks like the only smart way out. What a customer service software or self-service portal does is, accumulate all your queries on a single platform, making query resolution easier and quicker. This software comes with email ticketing system and automated ticket sharing system using which all queries are neatly classified and assigned to respective departments. The support ticket system helps you set an escalation matrix with a timer once a query is assigned to a customer service executive. In case it’s not resolved within the timeline set, the ticket will be automatically routed to the seniors for perusal.

KAPTURE is one such platform that helps you do just this, here’s how

Customer Service Software Needs

Analyze customer satisfaction index

Apart from automating processes, KAPTURE CRM is the perfect self-service portal that helps you generate over 300 reports based on customized parameters.  These reports will give you a clear idea as to which what type of complaints are affecting your business, the average time taken to resolve queries and much more. The system also allows you to understand customer behavior by generating insights with an inbuilt customer support system.

Enquiry report generated from Kapture CRM

With a simple interface and easily expandable architecture, scaling up is not an issue at all. Don’t let your ingenious idea be called a small business. Go KAPTURE. Go Big. Keep your customers happy!

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