Customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management: What Does It Mean For Hospitality Sector?

Customer relationship management

The hospitality industry is encountering growing globalization and competition, particularly the wing of luxury and destination hotels. Successfully building brand loyalty and maintaining long-term relationships with customers is therefore imperative to attract, retain and satisfy customers in the face of amplifying competition in hospitality.

The hospitality industry in general and the hotel industry, in particular, are highly interactive and engaging – where customer-centricity literally forms the core of business relationships. It is mandatory that at any given time, an all-around view of customers is maintained. Hotel industries worldwide are therefore constantly on the lookout for the most rewarding ways not only to meet but exceed customer expectations with every consequent experience. Cost-effective, tenable, and of course customer-centric plans and strategies are an absolute must to stay afloat in this industry’s competitive environment.


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For the hotel industry, success and profitability are dictated by the ability to continually acquire, retain and service their customers, and ensure that customers remain customers for life. Profitability here does not just mean tangible outcomes like ROI and revenues, but the intangible success factors like goodwill and reputation count too. The biggest advantage that hotels gain by effectively applying a fecund CRM solution is the systematic tracking of varied customer activities ranging from enquiries, bookings, staying experiences, reviews and other feedback, which indicate their preferences and contentment levels.

Here are 9 ways in which a CRM solution can enable hotels to offer top-notch customer experiences and gain a strong competitive advantage over their competitors:

Central repository

A CRM software allows systematic collection and categorization of fragmented customer information, as a result of which, rich customer information repositories are created. Further, as hotel management software enables relevant customer segmentation, databases for potential customers can also be effectively managed.

Consolidated view

A productive CRM solution assists in capturing each customer interaction, transaction and experience with all the relevant, necessary, big and small details. Real-time customer information from multiple systems across geographies can be collated on a single window. This huge store of customer information can be viewed and updated from time to time by effectively integrating with external systems.

Information scrutiny

In the hotel industry, massive volumes of customer information are churned out on an everyday basis. Even though the collection, storage and management of such information in a central repository is very important, real value is actually generated when such information is correctly analyzed to obtain an in-depth understanding about the factors that drive customers’ purchase and accommodation decisions. Structured data analysis translates to fruitful, profitable relationships.

Right approach

The most valuable customer interactions are brought to light by CRM solutions and this information can then be replicated towards potential customers that hotels wish to either target, retain, or both. Constantly evaluating and relevantly applying gainful experiences is also enabled by CRM systems.

Futuristic strategies

CRM software collates responses, reviews, and overall feedback that customers publish online about their collective hotel experiences. These details are sliced-and-diced, following which reports are generated and real-time dashboards are created. Ongoing customer activity information is displayed in real-time on these dashboards.

Outstanding customer relationship management is necessary for all hoteliers who wish to propel their business to success. A complete understanding and analysis of customers and their experiences helps hoteliers to establish brand loyalty and operate in a truly customer-centric environment.



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