Customer Experience- Changing trends in 2021

Customer Experience: The Changing Trends in 2021

The 21st century might be the era of digital transformation, but the key factor that drives customer-centric enterprises is always customer experience. According to a report, due to poor CX “over 33% of customers would consider switching to the competition after just one incident.”

Therefore, helpdesk ticketing systems like Kapture today are providing high-defined tools and features that help businesses provide seamless customer experience across verticals. 

The working culture today has again changed to remote with the second wave hitting the market. The common question is how will CX evolve in 2021. Here are 5 CX trend predictions for 2021 to be aware of in order to stay on the top of your game. 

  • The Reign Of AI Chatbots

In this remote working culture, conversational support is becoming the new facet of customer support. The prominent CX trend that will reign 2021 is thus AI-driven chatbots. Chatbots such as Kapture Chat are more than just service tools and are simplifying customer support across verticals.  

Today, Chatbots are being integrated with social media channels and websites to provide accurate customer service across platforms. Chatbots have two significant advantages: speed and availability. AI Chatbots can handle more queries than human agents, with instant speed and 24*7 availability. 

  •  Hyper-Personalized Experiences 

According to a survey by Segment Study, “44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company.”  What customers want today are hyper-personalized experiences that cater to their needs and demands. 

Hyper personalization is and will be a trend in the arena of customer support always. With big data analytics and secure customer database management, businesses can seamlessly provide personalized experiences to customers. Enterprises need to understand customer pain points and provide accurate information and show that you care for them even amidst uncertain times. 

With omnichannel support system ticketing system like Kapture will help businesses in providing customer support across multiple platforms. 

  • Finding the Balance between Personalization and Privacy

Customers demand personalization but there is a fine line between privacy and providing personalized support that enterprises need to be aware of.  One of the top CX trends that will evolve in 2021 is the significance of privacy. 

In today’s rapidly digitized business environment getting access to customer data is easy but CRM’s like Kapture take initiative by providing a secure two-step authentication security for customer databases. Along with providing personalized experiences we value customer privacy and have uniquely designed software that secures your customer’s data. 

  • Self- Service Will Always Be The Best Service 

With the shift to remote working culture again, a significant trend that will reign 2021 and beyond is customers finding answers on their own. Companies need to provide a self-service portal to customers in order to guide them and help themselves. 

Today, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. 

Kapture provides businesses with a self-service portal that automates frequently asked Questions to FAQ. Thereby, customers can easily find answers to their queries instantly without wasting their time. 

  • Contextual Support Becomes The New Norm 

With hyper-personalization and contextual data, what customers will want in 2021 and beyond will be contextual support. Context plays a vital role when it comes to enhancing CX and maintaining a healthy loyal customer base. 

By providing contextual support, companies can easily retain their customers, provide fast and accurate responses and create a unique brand identity amongst competitors. Know more about the importance of contextual support in enhancing CX.

Times are changing and so are your customer expectations. Support will become highly automated and this is how CX will also evolve in 2021. Deploy Kapture CRM and scale your business to heights vene during these uncertain times. Click here to book a demo with us. 


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