How to make the customer support agent UI better

How to Make the Customer Support Agent UI Better

In the past decades, businesses have tremendously evolved in offering services to their customers. A major part that evolved with it is customer support. Today, every business needs a customer support department that helps customers to resolve queries, make decisions, and do so much more through their system. 

However, if the customer support tool they are using has a poor UI, your agents might suffer and take longer to respond to your customers that can affect your customer servicing. If your customer support is often reaching out to you with complex UI, it reflects a UI failure. Understanding user journeys across multiple platforms and bringing context through UI can help in decreasing queries in a drastic manner. 


A key part of your UI should be derived from empathy. Businesses need to understand the pain points of the users and come up with designs that help users to do so much more in a lesser span of time. One of the fundamentals of being a customer support agent is empathizing with users and providing quicker resolutions. Connecting with multiple users at the same time only brings the second nature in customer support agents, resolving issues with empathy. 

Identifying roadblocks and providing solutions

Involving support agents in UI can be really helpful. Users get in touch with customer support due to issues they can’t resolve themselves. Customer support representatives are trained to identify roadblocks to understand the problem better and provide the users the best-suited solution. Support agents, usually are accustomed to uncovering roadblocks as well as the root cause of it. 

Understanding your Users

A lack of knowledge and product understanding can create a huge gap between the UI your agents want vs the UI your agents get. You may conduct research on your buyer persona and come up with the best UI for your agents but the actual user base tends to be more diverse. Some of the UI suggestions might make sense on the surface, but if the focus on the user’s perspective is lacking then your support agents might have to struggle. 

Becoming Product Experts

An in-depth understanding of your product which includes product screens, CTAs, correlation with each other can bring out a simple and useful UI an agent can have. Because information like this is crucial for the agents, they can perform actions even in their sleep. So a simple UI which your agent can use efficiently is more likely to help him resolve more queries and increase productivity at the same time. 


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