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Customer support software is a tool that allows your business to organize, track and resolve customer requests from a single platform. Customer support software equips your support agents with the tools they need to provide a five-star experience to the customers. Agents will find it simpler to stay organized, obtain information to answer queries, and keep up the promises they made to the customers.

What is Customer Support What is Customer Support

A customer support software ensures to simplify the management process in contact centers, service centers and field service. The software has built-in intelligence, an automation system, and multi-channel capabilities to assist customer-facing staff in providing the best service possible.

How can customer support software benefit your business?

What is Customer Support

An efficient customer support software aims to live through the expectations of the customers and give them the best-in-class service which they deserve from a company.

Ticket Management System

It is the central system that logs and organizes customer complaints into tickets and follows their progress from acceptance to resolution.

Omnichannel Support

Complaints coming from different channels like chats, calls, emails, and social media can be viewed and resolved through a unified dashboard.


A self-serve portal containing answers in the form of FAQs and AI powered bots to solve petty and common customer queries, saving agent’s time.

Reporting and analytics

With the help of graphs, statistics, and customer feedback, the customer support team and managers are able to evaluate and improve their own performance.

Automate tasks for your team

Automate repetitive or regular tasks such as answering repeated customer inquiries and administrative chores such as filling out forms or generating daily reports to save time and increase the productivity of agents.

Seamless integration

Helpdesk may be integrated with third-party software to increase the number of functions and data access to your customer support agents.


Why Customer Support Software?

Modern problems need modern solutions. In this era of technology, businesses need to adopt new techniques and incorporate them into their business intelligence strategies for better customer service.

With Kapture’s Customer Support software solution, you can expect:

  • Faster resolution to customer queries

  • Increased agent productivity

  • Better understanding about customer’s problem

  • Lower operating costs

  • Transparency in internal communication

With Kapture, expect all the features a customer support software must have and MORE

Kapture has tools and features that aim to enhance the customer service experience.
It uses the data and analyzes it in order to provide a contextual and personalized customer support experience.

AI Chatbots



AI-powered chatbots for faster and 24/7 resolution

Chatbots can assess and respond to client inquiries using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Ticket Management Form

Positive impact on retaining customers and revenue

When new channels arise and customer behavior shifts, an omnichannel brand can adapt and develop more quickly than a multichannel firm.

Task Details Form

Self-help for faster resolution

Customer Self-Service Portals enable you to intelligently arrange and display almost any data for your customers and the knowledge base.

  • Shop Box

Automated ticket management

Keeps everything sorted for your agents

IconsTicket escalation Contextual escalation matrix to intelligently select the most suitable agent for resolving the ticket.

IconsTicket filtering Automatically filters and sets the priority of the ticket based on the keywords used by the customers.

IconsTicket queue management Manages the tickets and assigns them according to priority to avoid any choking in the ticket management process.

IconsCanned replies The system automatically reads the issue in the raised ticket and suggests the most appropriate reply to the agent, saving their time.

Knowledge Management System

Knowledgeable agent = Faster resolution

IconsPowerful search bar Searching for quick and contextual responses to customer queries made easy and simple under one knowledge base.

IconsAgent assistance window It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand and scan the knowledge base to provide the most accurate solution.

IconsFAQs engine Design the most FAQs in your knowledge base so that customers can go throught them to get solutions without reaching the agents.

IconsUnified knowledge base Articles, presentations, training videos and all the content useful for resolving the issues faster accessible from single point.


No more switching platforms

Deep integration to eliminate toggling windows

IconsSocial media Agents have access, can reply and resolve issues across multiple social media platforms through a single dashboard.

IconsPayment gateways Agents can easily collect and view payments made by customers with ease.

IconsLogistics Track, schedule and manage orders of the customers in logistics in one go.

IconsAccess management Gives your agents the ability to modify orders as per requirements from any department

Why is Kapture the best customer support software?


Fastest Go Live

A dedicated team that makes your implementation process easier and faster.

We stand out from the crowd because our implementation team provides a personalized experience for every customer. Count on Kapture CRM to go live faster without hassles.
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Powerful Integrations

Kapture provides a seamless and uninterrupted customer experience through 1000+ API integrations with

the most commonly used third party applications. Customers can pick and choose their preferred requirements and enjoy a seamless experience with multiple platforms available all at one centralized location.
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Multilingual chat

Agents can chat in customers’ preferred language, giving them a sense of personalization.

An in-built language translator for your agents to easily translate and communicate with customers for a better customer experience.
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Seamless UI and UX

One of the best customer support softwares that has a simplified UI and UX interface.

In addition to easy usage, the software is easy to set up and provides seamless navigation for users.
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Scalable Yet Powerful

Kapture is a robust CRM that is flexible and scales with your enterprise.

Along with being powerful, Kapture is also unique in terms of its customization, making it a powerful customizable CRM.
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Reporting & Analytics

Kapture gives access to 1000+ report formats and receives useful insights from customer feedback

and several other data. It has in-built analytics and reporting features that help you strategize and gain foresight. In addition to this, Kapture CRM also provides an easy to access clickable dashboard to ensure a smooth workflow.
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Customer support software is for businesses of all sizes or forms. The best
types of customer service systems are scalable for anybody.


For Startups

Startups need to focus on customer service as much as well known brands because initial growth of any business is dictated by how good their service is.

They can make a case for themselves by being known as a brand that values customers’ needs. They can most definitely stick to simple ticketing systems will omni-channel support to effectively cater to their customer base.

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For Small & Medium Businesses

SMBs usually operate and specialise in one field. They need to focus on giving their customers prompt service always. What they can opt for is an industry specific B2B customer support software so they are better equipped to tend to their customers on a daily basis. Integrations which are tailor-made for certain industries will surely come in handy for SMBs.

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For Large Enterprises

Enterprises require very specific customisations and integrations because they serve a varied range of customers, which are more likely to be in the millions.

A powerful and seamless customer service software system would fall under their needs.

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Is there a limit on the number of users that can use the software?

No, there is no certain limit for the number of users that can use the software.

Can I get scheduled reports and analytics on my emails?

Yes, you can get scheduled reports on your mail-in in more than 1000+ reporting formats.

Can our system be integrated with the existing CRM?

Yes, we can integrate with existing CRM systems being used on your platform.

What is the ideal implementation time?

45 days is the ideal implementation time but we always try to make it sooner for you.


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